FCC Clarifies Franchise Fee Dereg

Effectively immediately, the FCC has excised two sentences from its order denying a request for stay of its cable franchise fee deregulation decision, sentences it agrees with cable operators could be misconstrued to allow local franchising authorities to “enforce unlawful franchise provisions unless and until a cable operator has proven to a court that they are unlawful.”

Regulatory Issues From The NAB Show

Questions about regulations from Washington don’t disappear just because you are spending time in Las Vegas, and this week’s NAB Show brought discussion of many such issues. Here’s a recap of news about some imminent actions on some  issues pending before the FCC.

FCC To Revamp Cable Rate Regs

The FCC has voted unanimously to take a new look at cable rate regs with an eye toward lifting regs on smaller operators and some on larger ones as well, while FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly took the opportunity to call for broader cable dereg.