NAB Hits FCC Over ‘Effective Competition’

The NAB accused the FCC of not looking close enough at the thousands of individual TV markets in the U.S. when it adopted its “effective competition” order last June that assumes cable operators compete with satellite and/or telco providers for video services in every market they’re in.

FCC Cable Dereg Ruling Setback for NAB

The FCC’s sweeping deregulation of cable yesterday by ruling that all systems would be presumed to face “effective competition” came over the objections of the NAB, which is concerned that […]

FCC Committee Disses ‘Effective Competition’

The FCC’s Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC) has come out against commission’s proposal that  all cable systems should be assumed to have effective competition for their services in local markets. The IAC, which advises the FCC on telecommunications issues of interest to state and local governments, wrote that assuming pay TV has effective competition in each market “is contrary to the public interest,” and the proposal would make “it likely that all of the important consumer safeguards that go along with such finding will be lost.”