House Panel Praises FCC’s Collegial Approach

Bipartisanship is at least partially due to political deadlock. Pictured: Members of the FCC testify during a House oversight hearing.

Senate Commerce Schedules FCC Hearing

FCC watchers should mark their calendars for June 24. That is when the Senate Commerce Committee has scheduled an FCC oversight hearing featuring all five commissioners, according to the committee. It will be the first such oversight hearing since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senate Commerce Slates FCC Oversight Hearing

The Senate Commerce Committee has lined up the FCC commissioners — that includes Chairman Ajit Pai — for an oversight hearing. The committee said Wednesday the hearing would be June 12 and review ongoing “activities and proceedings.”

House Democrats Demand FCC Documents

House Democrats are asking the FCC for documentation about its operations as they prepare to challenge the agency with their newfound oversight powers.

Senate Commerce Slots FCC Oversight Hearing

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) said Monday that the Senate Commerce Committee, which he chairs, will hold a hearing with the current four FCC commissioners on Aug. 15.