Some Predictions For 2021

The coronavirus isn’t the only reason that modern day life has moved online, but it the most important reason behind the speed of the overwhelming shift in lifestyle. COVID-19 pushed technology and media to accelerate what was already happening, and that’s why I’ve made these predictions now. I will leave them without supporting documentation, as I prefer them to be conversation starters. Agree or disagree as you will, but please, add to the list.

Some Observations On CES, Then And Now


Producing Political Drama In A Pandemic

Last week’s Democratic National Convention proved that innovative solutions are everywhere, and they are looking better and better as their use is expanded over the broadcast and digital spectrum.


Marketing In The Time Of Coronavirus

Frank Radice: Every ad dollar in the United States last year led to $9 in sales, according to the research firm IHS Markit. But when those ad dollars dry up, the outlets that execute and display them go out like lights. From the ad agencies to the sign companies, to the TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines—a ripple effect hits the businesses, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. As a result of this global quieting of the advertising marketplace, companies that want to sell their products with the help of messaging must rethink their strategies.


How Network News Promos Can Evolve

Frank Radice: “Why not use news promo time to actually report the news, like a headline menu service, and direct viewer attention to the next show coming up? Instead of one story or one image, it becomes something more useful.”