MRC’s George Ivie On Nielsen’s Big Data Shift: ‘We’re Standing Down’

Media Rating Council Gives CEO George Ivie New Deal Through 2027

The Media Rating Council, which audits and evaluates measurement companies, said George Ivie, its CEO and executive director, has agreed to a new five-year contract extension that will keep him in his job through 2027. The MRC and Ivie have had a high profile lately as long-time TV ratings leader Nielsen faces unprecedented challenges from a squadron of competitors and complaints from customers, led by the media companies that pay most of Nielsen’s bills.


Bringing Ad Viewability Into Sharper Focus

The mission of the Media Rating Council is to ensure media measurement services are valid, effective and reliable. This has proven to be quite a challenge for online, which has a lot more variables at play than traditional media such as radio and TV. Viewability, especially, has become a major concern. George Ivie, the MRC’s CEO, talks about the group’s most recent round of viewability testing and what’s next for the MRC to shed more light on this often-confusing issue.


How The MRC Will Investigate Nielsen Snafu

The Media Rating Council is looking into the recent Nielsen glitch that inflated ratings to start the season. Here’s how it will go down. George Ivie, the executive director and CEO of the MRC, talks about how the investigation will be undertaken, what sort of consequences there might be and how this impacts public perception of Nielsen.