Samsung, Roku TVs Said Vulnerable To Hacking

Netflix, ABC Hacker Promises More Leaks

“There’s always more.” That was the chilling response TheDarkOverlord hacking collective gave to The Hollywood Reporter when asked if it planned to leak additional Hollywood content in the wake of Monday’s release of eight unaired episodes of ABC’s Funderdome.


Unconnected Broadcasting May Be Wise Move

When TV broadcasters rebuild their transmission systems for ATSC 3.0 or the repack over the next several years, they will be tempted to integrate the Internet into the control and monitoring functions. It will likely make things easier and save both labor and money. They should think twice. If the experts are right and there is no way to absolutely secure anything directly or indirectly tied to the Internet, stations might be smart to isolate the transmission system from the Internet so they can always be on the air when they need to be.

French Broadcaster TV5 Monde Recovers After Hacking

Report Disputes Attkisson’s Computer Hack Claim

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Justice Department inspector general report is disputing allegations by former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson that the federal government secretly monitored her personal computer. Attkisson, who has said her personal computer and work laptops were remotely accessed due to her reporting on topics including the Fast and Furious scandal and the […]

Did The Feds Spy On Sharyl Attkisson?

As the former CBS reporter launches legal actions against them, the Justice Department and Postal Service strenuously deny hacking her computer and phones.


Broadcasters Urged To Boost IT Security

NewsTechForum panelists say they are instituting a number of measures — encrypting cell phones and laptops, tools that look for malware, creating firewalls and staff education among them — to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information. Also important: reporters using only company sanctioned gear when on the road.