Evoca Takes On Charter, Satellite TV Players In Traverse City

Evoca, a newcomer that’s using a blend of IP-based ASTC 3.0 broadcast signals and traditional broadband streams to deliver pay TV packages, will soon go up against incumbent cable operator Charter Communications, along with Dish Network and DirecTV, in Traverse City, Mich. There, Evoca has teamed up with Heritage Broadcasting to launch a pay TV package next month for the introductory price of $25 per month.

VUit Expands Hyperlocal Programming With Lilly, Gray, Heritage

VUit, a free, ad-supported national streaming service, has added new hyperlocal events in tandem with broadcast partners including Lilly Broadcasting, Heritage Broadcasting and Gray Television. In collaboration with Gray Television, VUit is bringing semi-pro soccer team Iowa Raptors FC to the platform where fans across the country will be able to tune into a double […]

TV Broadcasters, Syncbak Create OTT Innovation Alliance

Broadcast groups Morgan Murphy Media, Gray Television, Heritage Broadcasting and independent WFMZ Allentown, Pa., have formed the OTT Innovation Alliance, which plans to “create innovative ways to reach in- and out-of-market viewers using the power of OTT.” In partnership with Syncbak, a provider of live local OTT, the OTT Innovation Alliance plans to focus on […]