Judy Solomon, Former Hollywood Foreign Press Association President, Dies At 91

Dick Clark Productions, Todd Boehly’s Eldridge Acquire Golden Globe Awards As Hollywood Foreign Press Association Shutters

Big changes are afoot for the Golden Globe Awards now that Dick Clark Productions and Todd Boehly’s Eldridge have acquired the assets of the nonprofit Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which will close as the awards franchise moves into a new era. The new owners will use the assets and the cash on hand from the HFPA to establish the Golden Globe Foundation, which will continue the HFPA’s tradition of charitable giving. The awards show itself and related assets will now be part of the for-profit operations of Dick Clark Productions, which has long been allied with the HFPA for the awards show.

Golden Globes Set 2024 Date With No Broadcast Partner Yet

The 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards will be held Sunday, Jan. 7, 2024. Answering when, the announcement does not address where. The awards show, produced by Dick Clark Productions, does not have a broadcast partner beyond this year’s event, which aired on the Globes’ long-time network, NBC. Discussions are reportedly underway with outlets, including NBC.

Golden Globes Are Back On TV, But Are Reform Efforts Enough?

After dumping the telecast in the aftermath of a damaging expose by the Los Angeles Times last year, NBC will put the battered 80-year-old Globes back on the air Tuesday under a one-year deal, as opposed to multi-year contracts of the past worth tens of millions of dollars. A wave of celebrities plan to attend, along with star presenters and funnyman host Jerrod Carmichael after the embattled controllers of the Globes dug deep into the work of implementing top-down reforms following the scandal over lack of diversity, accusations of sexism, and ethical and financial lapses among members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

HFPA Retains PR Dept For Golden Globes Publicity

HFPA Adds New TV Acting Categories For 2023 Golden Globes

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has added new supporting acting TV categories for the 2023 Golden Globe Awards effective immediately. The new categories are best supporting actor in a television series/musical-comedy or drama, best supporting actress in a television series/ musical-comedy or drama, best supporting actor in a limited series/anthology or motion picture made for television and best supporting actress in a limited series/anthology or motion picture made for television.

Golden Globes Returning To NBC In January After Year Off-Air

NBC, the Hollywood Press Association and Dick Clark Productions on Tuesday made the Globes’ return official. The 80th Golden Globes will be held Jan. 10, airing both on NBC and Peacock.

Golden Globes Group Adds 103 International Voters, Expanding Its Ranks

Golden Globes Voter Sam Asi Expelled From HFPA

In Move to Save Golden Globes, HFPA To Become For-Profit Org, Add More Voting Members

Eldridge Industries is taking over the Golden Globe Awards, which will be turned into a private entity separate from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s charitable and philanthropic programs, which will be managed as a nonprofit entity. The HFPA membership voted to approve the transfer of ownership to Eldridge, which is run by Todd Boehly, who has served as the organization’s interim CEO since last year.

HFPA Member Sues Organization For Retaliation And Sex Harassment

HFPA CEO Wants To Make Golden Globes For-Profit Venture, Add 200 Non-Member Voters

Hollywood Foreign Press Association Interim CEO Todd Boehly on Thursday confirmed his intention to institute radical changes to the embattled group behind the Golden Globe Awards: adding 200 new non-member voters and turning the nonprofit into a private, for-profit company that he would run.

HFPA Responds After Congresswomen Ask IRS To Investigate Org’s ‘Questionable’ Business Practices

Aida Takla O’Reilly, Former HFPA President, Dies At 90


Are Reforms Enough To Save Embattled HFPA?

Critics say the central problems plaguing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association remain unaddressed: ”You need to start from scratch.“

Golden Globes Group Investigating Member Over Sexual Misconduct Claims

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has put one of its members on probation while it investigates claims of sexual misconduct.

Golden Globe Awards Carry On, Without Stars Or A Telecast

The embattled Hollywood Foreign Press Association proceeded with its film awards Sunday night without a telecast, nominees, a red carpet, a host, press or even a livestream. Television winners included: Sarah Snook and Jeremy Strong for Succession, which won best television drama, Jean Smart for Hacks, which also won best television comedy, Jason Sudeikis for Ted Lasso, Kate Winslet for Mare of Easttown, O Yeong-su for Squid Game and Michael Keaton for Dopesick. Barry Jenkins’ The Underground Railroad got best limited series.

Hollywood Greets Golden Globes Nominations With Tepid Response

On Monday morning, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the nominations for the 79th annual Golden Globe Awards — and what followed was near radio silence. In the days leading up to the Golden Globe nominations, it was unclear what impact the announcement would have — and since the film and television nominations were revealed, the answer has been not much.

Golden Globes To Announce Noms To Skeptical Hollywood

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association , often ridiculed, even by its own hosts, this year went from punchline to pariah. After a Los Angeles Times’ expose detailed some of the HFPA’s unethical behavior and revealed that its 87 voting members didn’t include one Black journalist, studios said they would boycott the Globes and more than 100 PR films said their clients wouldn’t participate until the HFPA swiftly implemented “profound and lasting change.” The group will announce nominations early Monday, Dec. 13.

Expelled Member Of Golden Globes Group Sues The Organization

A Swedish journalist, alleging that the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. terminated his membership ‘unfairly, and unlawfully,’ sues the organization.

Golden Globes Group Seeks To End Nonprofit Status

Todd Boehly, the hedge-fund billionaire and interim CEO of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, is seeking to merge the nonprofit organization behind the Golden Globe Awards with his for-profit company MRC Entertainment, which produces the annual awards show. The proposal has alarmed reform-minded members of the group and was discouraged as “unjustifiable” by a lawyer.

Golden Globes Will Be Awarded In 2022, Just Not On NBC

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is forging ahead with a way to recognize the best of this year’s film and television achievements despite the fact that NBC will not televise this year’s Golden Globes ceremony.

Golden Globes Group Partners With NAACP

HFPA Names Five Outside Journalists To Join Credentials Committee, Find New Members

HFPA Elects Helen Hoehne President Of Troubled Group

HFPA Considers New Golden Globes Option

Proposals for the embattled Hollywood Foreign Press Association include adding 50 members to its voting ranks to bring in more diversity and creating a for-profit spinoff company.

Golden Globes: Two Members Resign From Toxic’ Hollywood Foreign Press Association

HFPA Hires Diversity, Ethics, Legal Consultants To Help Meet Reform Goals

Golden Globes’ Survival In Doubt As NBC Mulls Options

NBC’s swift decision May 10 to cancel the 2022 Golden Globes telecast took most in Hollywood by surprise — even inside the network, where the announcement was made so fast (to avoid news leaks) that it wasn’t widely shared internally beforehand.

How The Golden Globes Went From Laughingstock To Power Player

The group that was once assailed by the FCC steadily gained influence in Hollywood over the years until scrutiny of its practices and lack of diversity led NBC to say it would not air its show in 2022.

Golden Globes 2022 Canceled On NBC

There will be no Golden Globes in 2022 on NBC, as the besieged HFPA continues to falter in reforming itself to the satisfaction of Hollywood studios and stakeholders. “We continue to believe that the HFPA is committed to meaningful reform,” said the Comcast-owned network this morning. “However, change of this magnitude takes time and work, and we feel strongly that the HFPA needs time to do it right.  As such, NBC will not air the 2022 Golden Globes.  Assuming the organization executes on its plan, we are hopeful we will be in a position to air the show in January 2023.”

HFPA Vowed To Change. What Went Wrong?

After a Los Angeles Times investigation, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association vowed to make sweeping changes, but the group behind the Golden Globes has struggled along the way.

HFPA In Crisis As Famed Fixer, D&I Adviser Quit

HFPA Ousts Member Over Black Lives Matter Email

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association board said in an email Tuesday that Phil Berk is no longer a member of the organization. The decision comes hours after NBC — which telecasts the Globes — condemned a Berk email that called Black Lives Matter a “hate movement” and called for his “immediate expulsion.”

HFPA Responds To Former President’s Email Criticizing Black Lives Matter Movement

HFPA Triumphs Over Journalist’s Antitrust Suit

The embattled Hollywood Foreign Press Association gets a judge to dismiss a suit brought by a Norwegian entertainment reporter — this time for good.

As HFPA Struggles To Respond To Mounting PR Crisis, Hollywood Keeps The Pressure On

Golden Globes Vows Reform Amid Diversity Scrutiny

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association said in a statement Saturday that it would focus on adding Black and other underrepresented members to its organization in addition to increasing transparency around its operations.

HFPA Responds To Criticism About Its Lack Of Diversity

Golden Globes Admits It Has No Black Voters Amid Shocking Snubs