The IP Transition Task Force

If IP workflows are to fulfill their potential, a commonly recognized standard for video over IP will be necessary. Otherwise, exchanging content between devices from different vendors will be difficult — sort of the modern-day equivalent of trying to play a Betacam cassette on an MII tape deck. The Joint Task Force on Networked Media […]

TV Industry Braces For The Impact Of IP

Broadcasters, vendors and standards bodies are laying the foundation for an inevitable move to IP-based workflows in anticipation of when the serial digital interface, video routers and purpose-built devices begin to fade.

IBC 2014

Reports Of SDI’s Death May Be Premature

So big is that investment in SDI-based production equipment  that for the time being, IP-based solutions will nibble at the edges of the overall production pie. An overnight switch to IP is not going to happen. Rather a hybrid environment in which IP-based solutions supplement existing SDI infrastructure will be the reality for many broadcasters. Going forward, however, there is little reason to continue adding new SDI components.