Irwin Gotlieb, Other Comscore Directors, Buy More Shares

Gotlieb, who resigned as chairman of giant media buyer GroupM in 2018, bought 100,000 shares at $3.19 a share on August 11, bringing his holdings to $388,093 shares.

Gotlieb Rejects Ad-Specific Ratings

Are commercial-specific TV ratings the way to go in the future? Not according to Group M global CEO Irwin Gotlieb, who used part of his time on stage at the Advertising Research Foundation’s measurement conference Tuesday to dismiss the idea as impractical. He called it a step that could potentially undermine the national TV ratings system.


Broadcast Television: Still No. 1 At CES

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show was overflowing with TV technology. For the creative, forward-thinking marketer there was an abundance of innovative ways to reach television-loving consumers, and TV broadcasters were squarely in that game with mobile DTV. With mobile DTV, marketers will have the opportunity to establish the deepest connection with consumers through the reach of television, their relationship with local news and entertainment, the interactivity of the Web and the intimacy of personal devices.