Stepping On The Gas For NextGen TV Broadcast Deployment

ONE Media’s Jerald Fritz: NextGen broadcasting provides new essential tools for broadcasters to serve their viewers as well as generate new revenue streams. We need to fast track the effort to bring that to the market.


NextGen TV’s Towering Promise

What does ATSC 3.0 really mean for broadcast TV? The possibilities are vast and are likely to supercharge the business. Within 15 years of deploying NextGen services, broadcasters could make more money renting their data bits than from the advertising revenue they earn today. Think about that. A broadcaster’s future is not tied to the sole purpose of video distribution, as it is today. Instead, it will involve a myriad of new data businesses that are enabled by this new way of transmitting data.


Broadcasters & 5G: We’re Part Of The Solution

ONE Media’s Jerald Fritz: “Using the great big IP data pipe that is a Next Gen TV channel, broadcasters will have the flexibility to provide traditional linear TV entertainment and informational programming to both fixed and mobile devices. Plus, they can use their channels for complementary 5G services.”


Fritz: Time To Press FCC To Adopt ATSC 3.0

Jerald Fritz of ONE Media says if broadcasters can submit a petition to the commission this summer, the FCC may be able to conduct a rulemaking and give its blessing late this year or early next. That means TV stations could be on the air with the standard sometime in 2017, he adds.


Let Local TV Chart Its Own Tech Future

Jerald Fritz of ATSC 3.0 system proponent ONE Media: “Broadcast television — like every other information medium — needs the freedom to evolve. We need to lose the economic, regulatory and engineering shackles that bind us to the silos of a single, fixed reception device anchored to the living room wall. So how do we do that? We’ve done that by reimagining our business. And that starts with a clear, clean, efficient way to get our signals to viewers wherever they are, using whatever equipment they have. Local broadcasters have a better idea.”

Jerry Fritz Joins ONE Media As Legal EVP

The longtime Allbritton executive joins the Sinclair-Coherent Logix joint venture that’s developing a next-generation TV broadcasting standard.