Jim Lehrer, Longtime PBS Anchor, Dies

For Lehrer, and for his friend and longtime partner Robert MacNeil, broadcast journalism was a service, with public understanding of events and issues its primary goal. Lehrer was also a frequent moderator of presidential debates. He was 85

MacNeil And Lehrer Reunited On MSNBC

‘NewsHour’ Ex-Anchors To Cede Ownership

Jim Lehrer and Robert MacNeil say they are talking with the Washington public television station WETA, PBS NewsHour’s co-producer, about taking over ownership of the show.

Jim Lehrer: No Regrets For Debate

The former PBS anchor said last week’s confrontation, viewed by 67 million people, will be remembered as a watershed moment because it was a real debate instead of simultaneous interviews of the candidates.

Debate Moderators: Crowley, Lehrer, Schieffer

CNN’s Candy Crowley will be the first woman to moderate a presidential debate in two decades when she handles one of three debates between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, while PBS’s Jim Lehrer and CBS’s Bob Schieffer will moderate the other two. All three were named as moderators Monday by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Lehrer Receives CPB Lifetime Achievement Award

The board of directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting yesterday awarded Jim Lehrer, veteran anchor of PBS NewsHour, with its Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes outstanding individual contributions to public media. Lehrer, who recently stepped down as lead anchor of PBS NewsHour after 36 years, was honored for his “commitment to responsible public media […]

TV In Transition As Familiar Faces Move On

The departure of a large class of prominent television personalities is creating upheaval on the small screen and in broadcasting boardrooms.

Jim Lehrer Stepping Down As Regular Anchor

Beginning June 6 the long-time anchor of PBS Newshour will no longer be part of the regular daily anchor rotation team, but he will still appear on many Friday evenings.

Jim Lehrer Wins NPC’s Fourth Estate Award

Lehrer Decries PBS’s Lack Of Weekend News

When the Tucson massacre broke, PBS’s Jim Lehrer spent two days glued to … CNN. That’s because the tragedy occurred on a Saturday, and on weekends, the public network has no regular news presence. “I was itching to get on the air,” he acknowledges. “Despite my advanced age [76], when I see the fire trucks, I want to know where they’re going. It’s a hell of a story. I wish we had had the airtime and resources to cover it.”