ENG Camera Streaming Benches WDBJ Truck

NAB 2011

Allbritton Going With JVC HD Cameras

As it upgrades to HD news, the station group owner is adding 25 studio cameras and 107 ENG cameras. The ProHD units use non-proprietary SDHC cards and feature native file recording for Adobe Premiere Pro, which is already in use throughout the station group.

DMA 32

KSL Moves To HD ENG With JVC ProHD Cameras

Deseret Media Companies’ NBC affiliate KSL Salt Lake City (DMA 32) has purchased 19 JVC Professional Products Co. GY-HM750L17L ProHD camcorders, as well as 19 KA-AS790G ASI modules, for ENG use. KSL already produces its local news studio segments in HD; the new JVC equipment is part of an effort to phase in full HD […]

DMA 82

WSYR Launches Local HD News With JVC Cameras

Newport Television’s ABC affiliate WSYR Syracuse, N.Y. (DMA 82), launched local news broadcasts in high definition using JVC Professional Products Co.’s ProHD cameras both in its studio and for ENG work. The new JVC cameras were part of a major overhaul for the station that included the construction of a new control room, as well […]

Drewry Selects JVC ProHD Camcorders