Sinclair Shutters Five News Markets: ‘We Just Turned Off The Lights For Many’

Sinclair stations in Ohio, Oregon, Nebraska, Florida and Iowa were given notice last week that their news operations will be shutting down imminently. “Information is power, and we just turned the lights off for many,” said one fired employee.


Sinclair Ups Kathan Jager To KPTH GM

The station’s sales executive takes over leadership of the Fox affiliate in Sioux City, Iowa, as well as CBS affil KMEG that it operates under a JSA.

DMAS 55, 75 & 147

Sinclair Buys 6 Titan Television Stations

The $115.35 million deal, first reported in March, adds three Fox, two CW and one CBS affiliates in California, Nebraska and Iowa to Sinclair’s portfolio.