Brompton Technology Unveils Receiver Card Capable Of Delivering 1 Million Pixels, RGBW And 1,000 Fps For Next-Gen LED Panels

Brompton Technology, a provider of LED video processing for live events, film and television, has just released a new receiver card, the Tessera G1, which it claims “is set to disrupt the LED industry.” The G1, the company says, “is the first receiver card to support 10Gb fiber connections direct to the panel. It is […]


TVN Tech | COVID-19 Won’t Derail Set Design Trends

Despite pushing newsrooms temporarily into mostly remote production, set design vendors say COVID-19 won’t have a lasting effect on where sets were heading before the pandemic. They say viewers are likely to see more LED panels and walls, virtual sets and augmented and virtual reality usage in news studios. Above, for the TF1 broadcast news studio in France, Planar delivered a 750-square-foot curved video wall.