FCC License Renewal Deadlines Remain Same

Pandemic or no, the FCC has signaled that it is business as usual for the 2020-23 TV station license renewal cycle, with the exception of public filing notices for the initial round of applications. That is according to the Media Bureau, which issued a reminder Monday (April 20).

Revised License Renewal Forms Go To OMB

Last October we reported on changes to the broadcast license renewal application form (Form 303-S) that were in the works. The commission has passed its proposed changes along to the Office of Management and Budget for OMB’s review. Notice of that development has now been published in the Federal Register. This gives everybody yet another opportunity to toss in any comments they might have about the revised form — but this time those comments should be directed to OMB. If you’ve got anything to say to OMB, you’ve got until Jan. 26, 2011 to say it.