Cybersecurity Roundtable: Clear Text Protocols as Potential Threat Surfaces in Broadcast Technology

Media technology employs numerous legacy clear text protocols that may present a little noticed attack surface. How can security professionals at media companies and vendors identify and neutralize the dangers? Note: All CBR Roundtables wrap up with a period during which attendees may ask speakers and CBR Advisory Board Members questions about any security topic.

Technology Trends 2022

A TVNewsCheck forecast of the most important trends in television technology in the coming year.

Personalizing the Viewer Relationship: Membership, Custom News Products and Community Building

Before streaming grew into a giant, broadcasters didn’t have to think about a one-on-one relationship with viewers, but streaming, ATSC 3.0 and subscription strategies for streaming and mobile force TV networks and stations to monitor and develop relationships like never before. How are they pursuing this challenge and how is technology – and marketing – […]

Cybersecurity Roundtable: The SMPTE 2110-20 Security Model

The IP standard for media and entertainment companies continues to evolve and with that, security protocols are being written. What’s the latest on these important protocols? Roundtable Leaders TBA Note: All CBR Roundtables wrap up with a period during which attendees may ask speakers and CBR Advisory Board Members questions about any security topic.

Cybersecurity Roundtable: Vulnerability Management in Broadcast

Broadcast technology can introduce constraints to the environment that can be challenging to vulnerability management. As a result an organization may end up with a quite a pile of software vulnerabilities. It would be interesting to discuss our group’s experience with this topic and also discuss how everyone is dealing with this in terms of […]

Remote Production & News Workflow

As news production looks forward to a post-pandemic new normal, what remote production best practices have emerged and what will be kept in place for the long haul? Has widespread remote production actually sped up IP and cloud adoption in news production?

Half-Day Conference — TV2025: Monetizing the Future

This 2 hour event will feature TVNewsCheck’s fifth annual station group CEO panel, assessing the state of the local TV industry, plus a panel session focusing on a key issue and a Fireside Chat.

Streaming 2021: Creating Custom News Content

More networks and TV station groups are creating news stories specifically for OTT audiences. Digital leaders from networks and station groups talk about their strategies for this year and next and show examples of their work.

Hubbing, the Cloud & the Future of TV Station Group Operations

TV stations, particularly in smaller markets, could be operated for the most part from corporate technology centers where master control, playout and production technology will reside. Is this the optimal strategy for station groups? If so, what steps do groups need to take to bring this mode of operating about and how well is current […]

Audience Segmentation & Optimizing Spot TV

How are leading media buying agencies targeting beyond the traditional age/income demographics? How are they targeting buying intent and potential and how are broadcasters helping them reach their prospects more effectively?

Cybersecurity Roundtable: Security & NextGen TV

NextGen TV turns TV signals into internet streams. This CBR Roundtable will offer a thorough update on how to secure operations to protect broadcasters and consumers. Note: New to media & entertainment industry security? Working on a challenging project? Each CBR Roundtable ends with a conversation during which you may ask speakers or CBR Advisory […]

Digital Leaders on New Frontiers

Leading edge station group executives talk about their most innovative digital initiatives and their strategies for meeting key performance indicators. Where are they breaking new ground online, on streaming and on mobile?

Cybersecurity Roundtable: The Road to Zero Trust Networking

As media companies plan tomorrow’s networks, they are adopting a zero-trust approach to security. What are the different approaches to zero-trust and how can security managers create and communicate the multi-year roadmaps they need to complete their projects?

Half-Day Conference: Remote Production Advances in 2021

How has remote production in news, sports and entertainment programming innovated in 2021? What best practices have emerged and what innovations are in the works? A two-hour mini-conference features two panels of industry leaders and a fireside chat distill the industry’s conversation.

Automation & Optimizing Spot TV

Broadcasters and their technology partners have been striving to automate key parts of the spot TV selling process. How are they doing at automating audience estimates, make goods, performance campaign reporting and other tasks?

Cybersecurity Roundtable: Cyber Risk Quantification — Next Generation Risk Management

How can security executives overcome challenges in current state-of-the-art approaches so that their investments in security will mitigate risk measurable in a consistent, objective and repeatable fashion. An overview of existing frameworks, discussion of the cyber risk quantification approaches and a look at real world outcomes. Roundtable Leader: Patrick Duessel, VP Information Security, CBS Corp.

Half-Day Conference — Streaming 2021 — Optimizing Discovery & Monetization

What are the newest and most effective strategies for monetizing streaming services? Which aggregation services do the best job of getting services found, keeping traffic growing and contributing to monetization without driving up costs? Pioneers in the streaming world engage in a conversation during this two-hour event.

Sports Production in a Changed World

As media looks forward to a post-pandemic new normal, sports will lead the way in advancing remote workflows. How are technologists and vendors progressing on eliminating latency from key parts of the distributed production process? What advances do they see coming in 2021 and 2022 to bring more efficiencies and viewer engagement to sports production?