NAB 2014

A Tale of Two Trials – Interactive TV & M-EAS

Pearl announces it will test interactive news and ad trials in three markets. The consortium will also expand its test of the Mobile Emergency Alert System in Florida later this spring.

ATSC Publishes Mobile EAS Alert Guide

The implentation guide, available for download from ATSC, provides a road map for broadcasters looking to launch a mobile EAS service in their market. M-EAS generates a banner alert on capable mobile devices. The system also aims to include rich media, like radar maps, charts and HTML pages.

M-EAS Approved As Finalized Standard

ATSC President Mark Richer on approval of the Mobile Emergency Alert Service: “We have learned from past events that a natural or man-made disaster can have a devastating impact on communications networks, which quickly become overburdened.”


WHUT Washington Commits To Launching M-EAS


WRAL To Demo Mobile Emergency System

Tomorrow, the Capitol Broadcasting station in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., will demonstrate the new M-EAS emergency technology that transmits video, audio, photos, maps and text information to millions of people using mobile devices.