Maggie Smith Wants Her Emmy

Maggie Smith’s ‘Downton’ Exit May Be Premature

LONDON (AP) — Predictions of doom for the Dowager Countess of Grantham may be premature. ‘‘Downton Abbey’’ publicists say Maggie Smith was misinterpreted in remarks widely reported as suggesting she […]

Maggie Smith Plans To Leave ‘Downton’ After Season 6

Maggie Smith: I Haven’t Seen ‘Downton’

NEW YORK (AP) — Millions of people have watched Maggie Smith on “Downton Abbey.” But she’s not one of them. The 78-year-old actress, who portrays Lady Grantham in the popular […]

Maggie Smith Not Leaving ‘Downton Abbey’

Maggie Smith Wants To Leave ‘Downton Abbey’