AT&T Sues Max Retrans Over Confidential Data

AT&T has sued Max Retrans, a consultant that works with TV stations negotiating with distributors, claiming it used confidential data to get higher fees for its clients. In U.S. Court in St. Louis, AT&T said it is seeking an unspecified amount of damages, including inflated retransmission consent fees, punitive damages, attorney’s fees and court costs.


Lammers Helps Stations Get Their Retrans Share


Retrans Man Duane Lammers Sets Up Shop

All of the billions of dollars in retransmission consent fees that broadcasters receive, like found money, can be traced back to a single penny held in the hand of Duane Lammers, then COO of Nexstar Broadcasting. Now, he’s started his own company, MAX Retrans, to help stations get what they deserve