A Day In The Life Of An MMJ

What’s it like to be a multimedia journalist? What does an “MMJ” even do? Follow along with one day in the life of LaSalle Blanks of WTNH in New Haven, Conn., to find out.

What Attributes Make For A Good News Director?

Attentiveness, Trustworthiness, Experience, Work-Life Balance and Approachability, according to the female multimedia journalists who frequent the Facebook page MMJane.

Downsides To Working As An MMJ

Ask a few TV reporters what it’s like working as an MMJ and you might get very different stories. Reporter Adam Bagni couldn’t be happier that he no longer has to work alone.

Voice Of Experience: Eight Tips For MMJs

If you’re working as an MMJ in your first job and think you won’t do it in your second, think again, says Heidi Wigdahl. She’s been in the business seven years, starting in market 153 at KTTZ Rochester, Minn., and she’s still shooting her own stories in her third job at KAREMinneapolis.

Reporters Who Are Loving The MMJ Life

Joe Little is an MMJ by choice and loves working alone. He shoots, edits, and does his own live shots from the field. He even produces his own graphics. “There is nothing a traditional crew can cover that I can’t cover,” he says. Why does he enjoy working by himself so much? “I like to be in control of every aspect of what I do.”

RTDNA To Present MMJ Webinar