Nickelodeon Celebrates ‘Blue’s Clues’ Anniversary With Movie

NEW YORK (AP) — Nickelodeon says it is making a new movie featuring stars of “Blues Clues & You!” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original show that was a mainstay of the network for several years. The movie, which will start production this summer, follows Josh and Blue as they travel to New […]


HBO Max And The Movie Window Shutdown

Analyst Alan Wolk ponders what happens now to WarnerMedia’s big streaming service. To its long-awaited Roku deal? And those poor cinema chains?

DMA 36

WISN Milwaukee Replacing Movies! With Justice


WKRP-LD Adds Movies, Heroes & Icons Diginets


Optimistic Outlook On Multicast’s Prospects

While diginets still have some hurdles to face — such as rising program license fees — they have captured the attention of general-market advertisers and they are looking forward to the rollout of the upcoming ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard with its expanded capacity. What’s more, the multicast networks are relieved that the FCC’s incentive auction and ongoing repack of the TV band isn’t affecting their station carriage deals to any significant extent.

DIGINETS (DMAS 16, 19, 49, 75, 116 & 126)

Movies! Network Adds Six New Affiliates

The classic movie multicast network is now cleared in 55% of the U.S.


Tech Makes Multicasting Cheap, Painless

When some stations started multicasting digital subchannels there were a number of engineering issues that made the process cumbersome. Today, although there are different methods to launch a diginet — from using network-configured equipment to running second channels through a station’s main master control — most broadcasters say the task is neither tough nor expensive.

Weigel Names Three Execs to Movies! Network

Fox Stations, Weigel Launching Movies!

The 24-hour movie network will debut on the subchannels of 17 Fox O&Os this spring.