NBCU’s ‘Harry’ Could Be Last Of Its Kind

NBCU has a lot riding on Harry with Harry Connick Jr., but so does the broadcasting business. If it fails, I fear that Hollywood may finally give up on the big-budget, first-run syndicated show. And broadcasters need such shows to prop up their daytime schedules. Along with local news and a smattering of network fare, they distinguish TV stations from the great unwashed masses of cable channels that fill daytime with endless repeats of shows.


NBCU Gives Off-Net ’30 Rock’ Local Spins

[vzaarthumb:839883]To promote the broadcast syndication launch of the Tina Fey sitcom, NBCU Domestic Television engaged DG Entertainment and 2C Media to help it create a promotion campaign that had a number of goals: to introduce the show to each station’s audience; to emphasize its sharp and funny inside view of the TV buiness; and develop special local appeal through a series of custom, personalized spots.