Study Documents Expansion Of Public Media Journalism, Collaborative News Capacity

Data show the growth of the system’s newsrooms and investments in new formats and partnerships.


TV-Radio Collaboration A Win-Win In Fort Wayne

The partnership between WPTA-TV and WBOI-FM is designed to share areas of mutual expertise between the two stations that will serve a wider audience. “To me, a trade is very cost effective,” says Terra Brantley, WBOI’s president. “It is a win-win for the community.”

Troubleshooting In A Newly Converged Newsroom

Takeaways from combining a radio, TV, newspaper and magazine staff into one space for collaboration.


Is It Time For You To Find A News Partner?

Two TV newsrooms in Denver prove that collaboration doesn’t have to be rocky.

How 6 Florida Newsrooms Are Working Together

Since its debut in June, the Florida Climate Reporting Network has sparked interest from a growing number of media outlets — even beyond Florida. The network is emblematic of a trend that’s been seen throughout the cash-strapped news business: A collaborative streak. Competitors are teaming up on certain projects while still competing on other stories. The editors hope that readers are the beneficiaries.

How To Create Better Journalism And Boost Rev

You can make the collaboration concept work for your news organization by planning a study of your audiences, putting them in useful groups, reaching relevant audience members in meaningful ways, and developing relationships with them.


News Collaboration Becomes More Urgent

Kevin Davis, CEO of the Institute for Nonprofit News, argues that a key way to avoid cheaper, commoditized and less locally-targeted news content is collaboration. Larger news organizations can bring audience to the table, while smaller, nimbler organizations can serve the public through specialized reporting and a range of programming, data visualization and other data skills. The examples of effective collaboration are proliferating, he says, and the benefits serve both the media and the public.