In La-La Land, Broadcast Police Chases Are A ‘Great Spectacle’

The city of freeways counts on having TV helicopters in the air when suspects are being pursued. Above, Stu Mundel relishes his work as a helicopter reporter for KTTV in Los Angeles. (Mark Abramson for The Washington Post)

WCPO Replacing News Chopper With Drone


TV News Choppers Flying High Once Again

Now that stations are recovering from the budget-slashing days of the recession, many are getting back into the sky with helicopters. There are between 100 and 120 TV news choppers today, compared to about 180 that were in operation pre-recession in 2007. One station that’s added its own bird is NBC-owned WCAU Philadelphia.


Inside Philadelphia’s News Copters


WCAU Philadelphia Launches New Chopper

NBC-owned WCAU Philadelphia has debuted its SkyForce10 news helicpoter. The unit includes four cameras (two interior and two exterior), a telestrator that allows reporters and photographers to interact with live video and the ability to stay in flight for two-and-a-half  to three hours. The station says it will soon introduce Web integration that will let […]


Noisy News Choppers Irk Berkeley Residents