Microsoft Strikes 10-Year Deal With Nintendo On ‘Call Of Duty’

LONDON (AP) — Microsoft agreed Wednesday to make the hit video game Call of Duty available on Nintendo for 10 years should its $69 billion purchase of game maker Activision […]

Nintendo’s TVii A Remote Replacement

The TVii service will debut in the U.S. and Canada on Thursday. The aim of the service is to bring order to the hundreds of channels on regular TV and the thousands of shows and movies available through apps from Netflix Inc., Inc., Hulu Plus and Google Inc.’s YouTube.


Nintendo’s New Wii Wants To Be TV Hub

Nintendo Co’s Wii U, packed with innovative TV and video features, will hit U.S. store shelves on Nov. 18 as it plays catch-up with Microsoft and Sony and aims to lure gamers back from the Internet and mobile devices.