New Online Political Ad Regs To Be Proposed

Lawmakers plan to introduce a bill Thursday that would impose new requirements on online platforms that run political ads. The measure, first floated by Senate Democrats Mark Warner (Virginia) and Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota), has picked up Republican Sen. John McCain (Arizona) as a co-sponsor.


2016 Online Political Ad Spend Set To Surge

Total online political ad spending is projected to soar to almost $1 billion in 2016 U.S. political races that are expected to generate more than $12 billion for all contests — almost $51 for every qualified voter — according to a report to be released today by Borrell Associates.

Political Online Spending Hits New Heights

President Obama spends $52 million on digital ads in his reelection bid, double what Mitt Romney spent, as presidential campaign online spending jumps 251% over 2008.