Ad Groups Counter Biden’s Call To Limit Online Targeting

Ad industry groups responded to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, which called for new privacy laws, by reiterating their support for some form of national legislation, but making clear that they will oppose attempts to broadly restrict online ad targeting.

Protect Yourself: A Guide To Online Privacy

Much of Silicon Valley wants you to think the price of using the internet is letting them data-mine your life. This is a beginner’s guide to fighting back.

Browser History Sales Should Worry Journos

The blowback has been intense to President Trump’s decision last week to back a congressional rollback of recently adopted FCC privacy rules — rules designed to protect web users from the reuse or sale of their online traffic histories without their explicit consent. Yet while the revision has made news for being extremely unpopular and inspiring crowdfunded campaigns to buy congressional browsing records, the changes have implications for media companies far beyond the current news cycle.

Trump Signs Repeal Of Online Privacy Rules

The bill scraps an FCC online privacy regulation issued in October to give consumers more control over how companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon share that information. Critics have argued that the rule would stifle innovation and pick winners and losers among internet companies.

House Votes To Kill Online Privacy Regs

The FCC rule issued in October was designed to give consumers greater control over how internet service providers share information. But critics said the rule would have stifled innovation and picked winners and losers among Internet companies. The House voted 215-205 to reject the rule. The Senate had already voted to the block it. The vote is part of an extensive effort that Republicans have undertaken to void an array of regulations issued during the final months of Democratic President Barack Obama’s tenure.

Senate Votes To Block FCC Privacy Regs

The Senate passed a resolution Thursday in a 50-48 party-line vote that would dismantle a set of internet privacy rules approved by the FCC last year. The rules, which the FCC passed in a party-line vote in October, require internet service providers such as AT&T and Verizon to obtain customers’ permission before using their personal information for advertising purposes.


Privacy, Ad Deductibilty Top 4As’ DC Agenda

One of the broadcasting industry’s staunchest allies in combating government regulation is the American Association of Advertising Agencies. On the eve of the 4As annual convention, its head of government relations, Dick O’Brien, discusses its D.C. game plan, with online privacy, tax reform and various Obama Administration ad initiatives.