Quality Content Drives Digital Video Viewing

According to Nielsen’s Q2 2014 Cross-Platform Report, younger viewers are watching less traditional television than in the past, but they’re consuming more overall video content. The buoying effect of digital video on overall content consumption takes place among older viewers, too. While the amount of time that consumers 50-64 years old spend per day viewing traditional TV is resilient, these viewers are adapting to new ways to view, which has added 10 minutes to their overall viewing time since 2012.



Foreseeing The Demise Of The DVR

The way Americans watch television has undergone some sweeping changes over the past decade. First came the DVR, then online video streaming services, and finally the networks started making their own shows available on the Web. The trend, it seems, is away from the TV set and onto the Web. Jim Nail, principal analyst at Forrester Research, explains what’s likely to be the next step in this progression.

FX Puts ‘The Americans’ Online After DVR Snafu

Kimmel Leads In Battle For Digital Eyeballs

In the late night TV wars, Jimmy Kimmel is winning a key fight — the push for digital fans, the latest figures show. ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and has logged nearly 950 million views on the video streaming site, far outdistancing his rivals on NBC and CBS, recent numbers show.

HBO Says No To Fans Who Want Web Only

HBO doesn’t want your money, Web-only television viewers. The premium cable channel on Wednesday acknowledged a fan campaign called “Take My Money, HBO!” with a Twitter message that said, in effect, thanks but no thanks.


Why Do TV Nets Discount Online Audiences?

As technology progresses, business models change. Consumer habits make way for new avenues to watch media. And yet, it seems that even with the rise of the internet, there has been a rather lethargic embrace of an ever-expanding online audience from the broadcast networks.


ABC Player Downloads Top 5 Million

Looking to generate advertiser interest prior to the upfront, ABC said its full-episode app for Apple devices has passed the 5 million mark in downloads. That’s up from the 3 million that ABC told MediaPost it had surpassed less than six months ago.

Youths Are Watching, But Less Often On TV

Young people still watch many television shows, but they are streaming them on computers and phones to a greater degree.

ABC Offers Full Seasons of ‘Revenge,’ ‘Once’ Online

WB, ABC Ink Online Deal For Current Shows

Surburgatory and The Middle are among the offerings that will be on Hulu and

Strong TV Ratings Boost CBS Online

For CBS, its high ratings as TV’s No. 1 network are spilling over into success online as well, according to Marc DeBevoise, SVP and GM, Entertainment, CBS Interactive. DeBevoise said September was a record month for with 20 million unique visitors. It’s also hit an audience of 2 million in a day for long-form streaming content during the month.


Millennials Watch More TV Online

Young media consumers — Millennials — continue to consume much more television related to online, and less traditional television than other viewing groups.


Nielsen Could Bring TV Spending Online

Natan Edelsburg: “It almost seems comical that it has taken Nielsen this long to attempt to judge the Internet the same way that television is judged. This new measurement tool might provide advertisers spending online the reassurance they need to shift budgets to the digital world.”

Younger Viewers Watch On Their Own Terms

Serialized viewing online is transforming the landscape of television production and consumption. It has exposed old series to a new generation and is emerging as an inexpensive production home.

Study: Online Viewers Decrease TV Time

Heavy online video viewers appear to be reducing their TV time and increasing their online video viewing. While 66% of online video watchers report increasing their consumption over the past year, only 48% plan on watching more video this year, according to new research conducted by consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates on behalf of video ad technology company YuMe.