Xandr Adopts OpenAP’s OpenID To Streamline Audience-Based National TV Buying

OpenAP, the advanced advertising company for television, and Xandr, AT&T’s ad technology platform powering a global marketplace for premium advertising, formed a new strategic alliance that will enable OpenAP’s OpenIDSM audiences inside Invest TV,  Xandr’s buyer self-service platform for linear television. Xandr will adopt the OpenID, a unique identifier launched by OpenAP that allows centralized activation of advanced […]

OpenAP Unveils OpenID, A Unique Identifier Offers A Common Identity Framework For TV

National U.S. TV publishers adopt OpenID, laying the foundation for new cross-platform measurement capabilities set to launch in broadcast year 2022. Dentsu Media, GroupM, Haworth Marketing + Media, Horizon Media and Omnicom Media Group will integrate with and activate all advanced TV campaigns as OpenID audiences, offering brands cross-screen and person-level insights across TV advertising.

OpenAP Launches SSP For Linear TV Spots

OpenAP has introduced a supply side platform that gives advertisers automated access to linear inventory from participating TV networks. Omnicom Media Group is the first agency to integrated the new SSP with its in-house buying platform, Omni. The integration launched this month, and Omnicom’s media agency will test the new SSP over the first and second quarters.

Weather Channel Joins OpenAP

The Weather Channel is the latest media outlet to join OpenAP, the consortium of media companies working to help advertisers buy TV with some of the new methodologies they say they crave.

OpenAP Creates Advisory Board

OpenAP, formed by media companies to standardize and simplify data-based targeting advertising, has named an advisory board of media buyers and advertisers. The board will help the company as it introduces new buying mechanisms designed to move the TV ad business beyond the traditional age and sex demographics.

CBS Joins OpenAP Advertising Alliance

CBS has joined Open AP, the audience-targeting alliance working to accelerate the emerging advertising practice known as “audience buying.”

OpenAP Includes Digital Video In New Market

OpenAP, the advanced advertising company owned by Fox, NBCUniversal and Viacom, said it launched a marketplace that offers advertisers premium video inventory that can be bought using audiences based on data. The latest version of OpenAP includes digital video, giving it a large addressable footprint.

OpenAP Starts Premium Video Marketplace

After losing one of its founding members, WarnerMedia’s Turner group, the TV network advertising consortium OpenAP said it has expanded its advanced advertising efforts, starting a centralized premium video marketplace called OpenAP 2.0.

Turner Leaves Open AP Consortium

ATT’s Turner TV unit has parted ways with industry ad consortium OpenAP. “As our company has transformed, our advanced advertising strategy has evolved,” stated a WarnerMedia representative, regarding its Turner unit. “As a result, we are withdrawing from OpenAP.” After completing its deal to acquire Time Warner (now WarnerMedia), AT&T has pushed its own advanced advertising unit, Xandr.

Accenture Picked To Run OpenAP Ad Initiative

Accenture will run — with support from Nielsen and comScore — OpenAP, a new TV ad sales targeting consortium formally unveiled today by partners Fox Networks, Turner and Viacom.