Two Important Lessons For TV Broadcasters

It seems to be human nature to fail to grasp the concept of exponential growth, but if broadcasters wish to succeed as they face new competition they must grasp how the concept doesn’t — but should — apply to them and the over-the-air service they deliver.

Why ATSC 3.0 Will Revolutionize OTA TV

In October, the Advanced Television Systems Committee adopted a candidate standard for the next-generation broadcasting system called ATSC 3.0. And it’s capable of some pretty impressive tasks, including broadcasting 4K content without the use of an outdoor antenna. “With ATSC 3.0, broadcasting may enjoy a renaissance — new services, truly ubiquitous reception and, because it’s IP-based, integration with the world of the Internet,” writes Harry Jessell, editor of “Who doesn’t enjoy a good come-back tale?”

NAB Disputes CES OTA TV Survey

The NAB has an issue with the Consumer Electronic Association publishing a report that says only 7% of U.S. TV homes solely rely on over-the-air broadcast signals to watch television programming. “CEA’s findings strain the bounds of credibility  beginning with the fact that its alleged ‘research’ was conducted by CEA staff members, rather than an independent firm.”