Nielsen Unveils National Out-Of-Home Service

Weeks after unveiling a plan to introduce out-of-home measurement of television viewing in local TV markets, Nielsen today announced a plan to also introduce a “national” out-of-home TV measurement service, but it didn’t indicate whether and how it would actually be nationally representative. It said that viewing will be “based on data from over 75,000 [portable people meter] panelists across 44 local markets.”

Nielsen Adding PPMs To Local TV Ratings

Its local TV service will incorporate portable people meters to enhance total audience coverage for both in-home and out-of-home viewing.

Digital Out-Of-Home Growing As Video Source

Digital place-based advertising is booming, from in-store signage to Times Square’s vibrant billboards. TV — still a powerful medium, to be sure — is now far from the be-all for securing desired levels of video impressions.