46% Of U.S. Broadband Homes Have 4 Or More Subscription Streaming Services

Forty-six percent of U.S. broadband homes supported four or more subscription streaming services at the end of the first quarter, a percentage that is more than double the 22% Parks Associates reported in 1Q 2020. Parks also reported that the U.S. homes with at least one subscription OTT service reached 82% in 1Q vs. 76% a year earlier.

20% Of Broadband HHs Use Digital Antenna

New consumer research finds use of antennas for live, local TV is steadily increasing.


New Research IDs Top Video Trends In An IP World

OTT Providers May Be Missing Key Revenue

Over-the-top TV platforms may be growing, but OTT providers may not be getting an apportioned amount of revenues from users. A third-quarter 2014 survey says 11% of all U.S. broadband home relying exclusively on shared OTT accounts when using subscription OTT services, according to Parks Associates.

OTT TV Cuts Into Cable, Satellite Shares

Although low-cost over-the-top TV services continue to gain steam, a somewhat older multichannel TV provider will continue to grow. Media researcher Parks Associates says IPTV subscribers will more than double in five years to some 18 million from the current subscriber base of 8.8 million. This will give the business an 18% share.


Over-The-Top Viewing Numbers Rising

A new report suggests that TV watching via broadband is on the rise, while devices facilitating over-the-top viewing are gaining more traction. Parks Associates found that 31% of homes with broadband regularly watch TV online.


Pay TV Cord Cutting Accelerates

Consumers subscribing to television service via cable, satellite or telco services are downgrading their services at an accelerating pace, according to a new industry study.