Liberty U. Pressing Charges Against Journalists

The college, in Lynchburg, Virginia, is led by Jerry Falwell Jr., has filed criminal trespassing against journalists from ProPublica and the New York Times for stories on the school’s remaining partially open. Falwell said the university is conducting classes online and obeying social distancing directives.

ProPublica, Texas Tribune Join Forces To Create Investigative Unit


NBC And ProPublica Serve Democracy

With an administration pumping out the most virulent anti-press messages since the White House team of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew, it’s important for critics to remind readers of the righteous work some media outlets do in service to democracy and the highest ideals of this nation. Here are two.

ProPublica To Fund Investigative Journalists

ProPublica is expanding its program supporting local investigative journalism with a new grant to fund reporters looking into state governments. “The widespread decline in local journalism is particularly acute in state capitals and state bureaus,” said Charles Ornstein, ProPublica senior editor.

Vox, ProPublica Teaming On Video Production

The two organizations announced that they’re hiring a joint video producer on a year-long appointment (because of the limited-time nature of the job, they’re calling it a fellowship) who will work with Vox’s video team to create videos based on ProPublica’s reporting.

Craigslist Founder Gives $1M To ProPublica

Craig Newmark, the entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded Craigslist, announced on Wednesday a $1 million gift to ProPublica. The gift will “allow ProPublica to deploy resources and address opportunities, including adding staff, where they are most needed over a wide range of issues in the public interest,” according to an announcement from the investigative nonprofit.

ProPublica Wins $1M MacArthur Found. Grant

CHICAGO (AP) — The MacArthur Foundation has chosen seven nonprofits for grants of as much as $1 million to recognize their success and future potential in work ranging from promoting the rights of Nigerian women to researching anti-crime programs in Chicago, the foundation announced Thursday. The groups chosen for the 2014 MacArthur Award for Creative […]

Sam Waterston Makes Pitch For ProPublica

Sam Waterston may not be the head of a news organization, but he plays one on TV. Waterston, who plays ACN News President Charlie Skinner on HBO’s Newsroom, is helping out nonprofit news organization ProPublica with a video calling for donations to help support ProPublica’s investigative journalism.

NBC Stations Adds Nonprofit News Partners

NBC Owned Television Stations today announced it has entered into agreements to create cooperative newsgathering and reporting arrangements with a series of locally-focused, nonprofit news organizations.