Gary Fries, Former RAB CEO, Dies

RAB’s current head Erica Farber, saluted Fries who spent his entire career in broadcasting. “He spearheaded radio to the forefront in media accountability, playing a dominant role in the development of RAEL working with advertisers, agencies and broadcasters to further the industry’s understanding of how radio advertising works.”


Radio Needs Consistent Strategy On Digital

Radio has had a bumpy transition to digital, struggling with the high costs of streaming audio, the slow growth of digital sales operations and the rise of major pureplays like Pandora and Spotify. In an interview with NetNewsCheck, Erica Farber, the Radio Advertising Bureau’s new president-CEO, says that radio is still hampered by inconsistent digital strategies across the industry, but she’s confident that its strong ties to local markes can help it to gain a digital edge.

RAB Chief Haley Steps Down, Farber Takes Over