Santorum Drops Out Of Presidential Race

GOP candidate Rick Santorum, appearing with his wife and children in his home state of Pennsylvania, told supporters today the race for him was over, but the fight to defeat President Barack Obama would go on.

TV News And The Shrinking 2012 Campaign

Television, in short, has pretty much decided the GOP race is over, Mitt Romney has won, the thing is boring everyone to death, and it’s time, at least for now, to move on. The campaign is occupying less front-page real estate in the major papers as well. What happened?


Newt: 2012’s Candidate With TV Policy Chops

At first glance, the lineup of Republican presidential candidates doesn’t yield anybody who can discuss broadcast ownership limits or media content regulation with any authority. The exception may be Newt Gingrich, and we have good idea of his thinking on broadcasting and cable matters, at least as it was nearly 17 years ago. In a 1995 B&C interview, the then-House Speaker demonstrated a strong grasp of communications issues as well as the technological changes that were driving policy.