Consortium Aims For Programmatic TV Buys

Interpublic’s Mediabrands unit has formed an alliance with more than 15 minor TV networks to develop and organize data and technology that would enable the agency and its clients to buy their advertising inventory programmatically. The initiative, which is being led by Mediabrands’ Magna Global unit, so far includes more than 15 networks, about half of which are not even measured by Nielsen.

Jane Pauley To Host RLTV Baby Boomer Specials


Making The Case For Targeting Older Folks

Two years from now, the last of the baby boomers will turn 50 years old, aging out of the key adults 18-49 demographic that became so popular among advertisers four decades ago when they began targeting the oldest of the boomers. That’s already leading to ventures like RLTV, which targets those over 50, and Huff/Post 50, aimed at boomers. Paul FitzPatrick, CEO of RLTV, talks about why advertisers undervalue older consumers, how this is changing and why it’s taken so long.

RLTV Signs Carriage Deal With TWC, Bright House

RLTV, a cable network and online destination for adults 50-plus, today signed a long-term distribution agreement for carriage on Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks cable systems. The agreement will expand RLTV’s reach across the country, offering a wide range of content focusing on health and wellness, finance, relationships, transformation, exploration, and issues and […]

Cable’s RLTV Targets Aging Boomers