TVN’S TV2020

Will Stations’ Retrans Bubble Burst?

Panelists at TV2020 examine various scenarios for the future of this important revenue stream in light of growing competition from OTT services and increasing reverse comp demands from the networks.

TV2020 To Offer Retrans Consent Rev Outlook

Experts from MCTV, BIA Advisory Services, RBC Capital and Brooks Pierce to discuss retransmission consent prospects at the daylong conference in October.

Robert Gessner Re-Elected ACA Chairman

Boycom’s Patricia Jo Boyers is also re-elected as the cable trade association’s vice chairwoman.



Programming Costs Drive Cable Bills Higher

Robert Gessner, president of MCTV: “When you consider how the costs of a cable TV network and basic cable TV programming have changed, it is clear that the network cost has increased by slightly less than the rate of inflation and programming cost has increased by about five times inflation.”