Rudy Giuliani Finally Unmasked On ‘The Masked Singer’

The former New York City mayor-turned-Donald Trump lawyer, was the first contestant eliminated from Round 3 of the competition after a rendition of George Thorogood’s Bad to the Bone. He was behind the Jack in the Box costume as a member of Team Bad.

Unmasking Of Rudy Giuliani On Fox’s ‘Masked Singer’ Prompts Judges Ken Jeong & Robin Thicke To Walk Off In Protest

Rudy Giuliani was unmasked as an exiting costumed contestant in last week’s taping of the first Season 7 episode of Fox’s popular primetime series The Masked Singer. Deadline hears that as soon as they saw Giuliani, judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke quickly left the stage in protest.

Rudy Giuliani Not Banned From Fox News, Just Not ‘Relevant’

YouTube Suspends Rudy Giuliani Again

Rudy Giuliani And Sidney Powell Have Disappeared From Fox

The Trump-affiliated attorneys were once a regular presence with baseless claims of election fraud. That has changed since a legal pushback from voting-technology companies.

Fox Reporter Kristin Fisher Fact Checks Giuliani’s ‘Bold And Baseless’ Presser

Biden Campaign Asks Nets To Avoid Giuliani

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is sick of Rudy Giuliani’s television appearances and wants them to stop. In a letter sent Sunday to top executives, producers and anchors at the broadcast and cable news networks, two key Biden advisers pressed the outlets to stop booking Giuliani, who has appeared frequently in the last few weeks to allege Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, of a pay-for-play in Ukraine.