White House Details Multimillion-Dollar Press/Communications Payroll

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield and press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre are among the highest paid White House staffers at $180,000 per year, according to the White House’s just-released 2022 Annual Report. Since 1995 the White House been required to report its staff salaries to Congress; President Biden has made that information public.

Media Workers Call Out Pay Gaps

With income inequality a focus of the current presidential candidates, workers in journalism, advertising and book publishing have anonymously posted salary information on crowdsourced spreadsheets, many of them hoping their efforts will lead to higher pay.

TV Writer Survey Seeks Salary Parity

In an effort to achieve parity in salaries throughout Hollywood, an anonymously-created TV writer survey has been circulating asking writers, writers assistants, executive assistants and showrunners assistants to share their salaries — and the entries have been eye-opening.

Why Kotb Isn’t Making Lauer’s Salary, Yet

It’s easy to compare Hoda Kotb’s salary to predecessor Matt Lauer’s and cite gender inequity. But TV thrives on paying new hosts less.

BBC Pay Crisis Shakes U.K. Television Industry

SBE Survey Tracks 2017 Compensation

From April 1 to May 15, 2017, the Society of Broadcast Engineers conducted its second annual compensation survey to determine salary levels and benefits among broadcast and media technology engineers. The complete results of the survey are available at no charge to SBE members as a benefit of membership. SBE members can login to view […]

BBC Forced To Disclose Salaries Of Top Stars

LONDON (AP) — The publicly funded BBC has published the names and salaries of its highest-earning actors and presenters, revealing that its best-paid star, radio host Chris Evans, earns more than 2.2 million pounds ($2.9 million) a year. The list published Wednesday shows that the BBC pays 96 people at least 150,000 pounds ($195,000) a […]


Local TV News Salaries Move Upward

The latest RTDNA-Hofstra University Annual Survey finds that local television news salaries rose by 4.8% in 2015. That’s more than double last year’s 1.9% increase. And with inflation an extremely low 1.3%, that means that TV news salaries gained three and a half percent in purchasing power last year. A year ago, the spread between inflation and TV salaries was just 0.3.


RTDNA: TV Salaries Gain Ground

The latest RTDNA-Hofstra University Annual Survey finds that local television news salaries rose by 1.9% in 2014. That’s up by 0.3 from a year ago, and with inflation an extremely low 1.6%, that means that TV news salaries gained slightly in purchasing power last year. The spread of 0.3 this year at least beats the 0.1 difference a year ago.

Jon Stewart Is TV’s Highest-Paid Host

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show host Jon Stewart is now earning $25 million to $30 million a year, according to several sources. That puts him ahead of the past perennial latenight salary leaders Jay Leno and David Letterman.


It’s A Buyer’s Market For Local TV Talent

Local TV reporters and anchors, even long-timers in major markets, are being asked to sign contracts with onerous terms. And since it’s no secret that management is looking to cut costs wherever it can, reporters and anchors are, more often than not, acquiescing.