The FCC Should Stay Out Of TV Newsrooms

Among the many things wrong with the commission’s proposed study of local media, the most egregious is its intention to interview newspeople on how they do their jobs. It’s one thing to profile the media in a market to see how it could be opened up to more players. It’s something entirely else to muck around in the editorial decision making of broadcasters and other media. ~~ Also this week, a tip of the cap to Scott Blumenthal of LIN Media who’s retiring after more than 40 years in broadcasting.

LIN Media’s Head Of TV Retiring At Year’s End

After 30 years with the company, Scott Blumenthal, EVP television at LIN Media, is ready to retire. Jay Howell, LIN VP regional television, was named his successor. “I look forward to working with Jay and the rest of the Executive Team in a consultancy role and spending some much needed time with my family and golf game,” Blumenthal said.


NBC Believes In Localized TV Everywhere

NBC Broadcasting Chairman Ted Harbert says his company’s push to develop TVE is “an incredibly complex and expensive operation,” but when it’s in place “it will be a terrific experience for consumers.”