The Bundle’s Not Dead, It’s Just Changing

YouTube, Hulu and AT&T are all preparing to offer over-the-top live TV packages in the next few months. Those current and soon-to-be OTT providers can be placed in two categories: pay TV companies trying to capture customers who probably weren’t all that likely to subscribe to a traditional cable package in the first place and purely digital players looking to become more like traditional pay TV companies.

Forget Cord Cutters, Here Are ‘Self-Bundlers’

American consumers appear to be getting more knowledgeable about the over-the-top options available to them, and are customizing their subscriptions to fit their needs. That’s according to GfK’s latest report, which found that 16% of the viewing population has more than one SVOD subscription, up 10% in the past three years. The research firm has dubbed these multiple-service takers as “self-bundlers” — consumers with higher-than average incomes but a lower-than-average tendency to have pay TV subscriptions.