Sesame Place Apologizes After Black Girls Snubbed At Parade

A Sesame Street-themed amusement park has apologized and promised more training for its employees after a video showing a costumed character waving off two 6-year-old Black girls during a parade went viral online. The nine-second video, posted to Instagram on Saturday by Jodi Brown, the mother of one of the girls, showed the character Rosita […]

Emilio Delgado, Luis On ‘Sesame Street’ For 45 Years, Dies

As Luis, Delgado, a Mexican American, got to play an ordinary, non-stereotypical Latino character at a time when such depictions were few and far between on TV, for adults or children. He also played a recurring character on the newspaper drama Lou Grant from 1979 to 1982, and made multiple appearances on Quincy M.E., Falcon Crest and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He was 81.

‘Sesame Street’ Debuts Asian American Muppet

What’s in a name? Well, for Ji-Young, the newest muppet resident of “Sesame Street,” her name is a sign she was meant to live there. “So, in Korean traditionally the two syllables they each mean something different and Ji means, like, smart or wise. And Young means, like, brave or courageous and strong,” Ji-Young explained […]

Big Bird Backlash: Vax Lands Muppet In Political Flap

When Big Bird tweeted he had been vaccinated against COVID-19, conservative politicians immediately pushed back, including Ted Cruz who grilled Big Bird for what he called “government propaganda.”

NEW YORK (AP) — What has more letters than the alphabet? That’s easy: The post office. That joke — sponsored by the letter A — is a highlight of the first original podcast from “Sesame Street,” featuring music, interactive games and Muppets galore. “The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley & Friends” is an offering on Audible […]

‘Sesame Street’ Tackles Racism In TV Special

Sesame Workshop — the nonprofit, educational organization behind Sesame Street — will later this month air the half-hour anti-racist special “The Power of We” and hopes families will watch together. The special defines racism for younger viewers and shows how it can be hurtful.

How ‘Sesame Street’ Stayed On The Air During Virus

PTC: HBO Should Stream ‘Sesame Street’ Free To Homebound Kids

‘Sesame Street’ Puppeteer Caroll Spinney Dies

Caroll Spinney, who gave Big Bird his warmth and Oscar the Grouch his growl for nearly 50 years on Sesame Street, died Sunday. He was 85.

Celebration As ‘Sesame Street’ Turns 50

The first episode of Sesame Street — sponsored by the letters W, S and E and the numbers 2 and 3 — aired in the fall of 1969. The show was designed by education professionals and child psychologists with one goal: to help low-income and minority students aged 2-5 overcome some of the deficiencies they had when entering school.

‘Sesame Street’ Sets 50th Anniversary Special

‘We’re Not Alone’ — ‘Sesame Street’ Tackles Addiction Crisis

NEW YORK (AP) — “Sesame Street” is taking a new step to try to help kids navigate life in America — it’s tackling the opioid crisis. Sesame Workshop is exploring the backstory of Karli, a bright green, yellow-haired friend of Elmo’s whose mother is battling addiction. The initiative is part of the Sesame Street in […]

Sesame Street To Move To HBO Max In Spring, Will Still Air Later On PBS

Kennedy Center Honors ‘Sesame Street,’ Sally Field

The long-running children’s television show and veteran actor will be among the honorees in a gala ceremony on Dec. 7, the Kennedy Center said Thursday. The ceremony will be broadcast on CBS on Dec. 15.

The Muppets May Be Coming To A Street Near You

NEW YORK (AP) — Big Bird, Elmo and stars of “Sesame Street” are leaving their quiet neighborhood and embarking on a road trip. The nonprofit Sesame Workshop said Tuesday a selection of Muppets will take part in a 10-city trip to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary campaign with free park festivals, live performances and kid-friendly […]

50 Years of Sunny Days on ‘Sesame Street’

As the groundbreaking children’s series celebrates five decades with 150 million viewers, its producers offer The Hollywood Reporter extraordinary access to Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the minds behind one of media’s only universally loved franchises — and reveal how a $100 million-a-year mainstay nearly went out of business.

‘Sesame Street’ To Introduce First Homeless Muppet

Big Bird, Caroll Spinney, Leaves ‘Sesame Street’

‘Sesame Street’ Denies Bert & Ernie Are Gay

How ‘Sesame Street’ Persuaded Public Television To Act Like A Network

‘Sesame Street’ Premieres 48th Season On Nov. 11

Muppet With Autism Joining ‘Sesame Street’

NEW YORK (AP) — Folks on Sesame Street have a way of making everyone feel accepted. That certainly goes for Julia, a Muppet youngster with blazing red hair, bright green eyes – and autism. Rather than being treated like an outsider, which too often is the plight of kids on the spectrum, Julia is one […]

Kerger Talks Incentive Auction ,’Sesame Street’

‘Sesame Street’ Actor David Smyrl Dies At 80

Muppets Get New Friend With Autism

 LOS ANGELES (AP) — There’s a newcomer on the Sesame Street block, a preschooler with autism named Julia. The Sesame Workshop said Wednesday that the character is being introduced as part of an initiative to take the stigma out of autism. The initiative also is aimed at helping those who deal with the developmental disorder. […]

Sesame-HBO Deal Sparks Soul-Searching

The Aug. 13 announcement that HBO will premiere new episodes of Sesame Street, which will then be made available to PBS after nine months has prompted soul-searching among public broadcasters and others who recalled Sesame Street’s groundbreaking role in using free over-the-air broadcasts to teach preschoolers from low-income families the basic skills they need to succeed in school.

‘Sesame Street’ Nixing Subscription Service

As part of its move to HBO, Sesame Street is killing off its own subscription-based streaming service, Sesame Go. The children’s series will now be available over the top on HBO’s offerings, HBO Go and HBO Now.

A New Location For ‘Sesame Street’

In a surprise move, the kids’ series heads to HBO. New episodes will air on longtime carrier PBS nine months later. The most significant part of the deal: Streaming rights.

PBS To Drop One-Hour ‘Sesame Street’ In Fall

PBS will discontinue the long-running one-hour version of Sesame Street this fall, it announced to stations Wednesday, and will continue airing new half-hour episodes that premiered last year. The new schedule, which takes effect Nov. 16, will feature the 30-minute version at 10 a.m.

Manzano Remembers 44 Years On ‘Sesame Street’

‘Sesame Street’ Filmmaker Jane Aaron Dies At 67

Manzano Retiring After 44 Years On ‘Sesame Street’

Powerful Education Effects Of ‘Sesame Street’

The most authoritative study ever done on the impact of Sesame Street, to be released today, finds that the famous show on public TV has delivered lasting educational benefits to millions of American children — benefits as powerful as the ones children get from going to preschool.

‘Sesame Street’ Marks 45th Birthday

That Sesame Street still exists at all says a lot. In 1973, it was one of two TV shows for preschoolers. Now it’s competing with 84 kids’ shows on TV and countless others online. Yet Sesame Street still holds its own, ranking 20th among kids ages 2 to 5 with 850,000 viewers per TV episode, according to Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind the show.

How ‘Sesame Street’ Stays Relevant After 45 Years

PBS Plans Shorter Version Of ‘Sesame Street’

After 45 years as an hourlong show, PBS will add a half-hour afternoon version of Sesame Street this fall to meet increased competition for preschoolers.

‘Sesame Street’ Widens Its Focus

With its usual silliness, Sesame Street is introducing serious concepts about nature, science, math and engineering to its target audience of children too young to read.

Former Voice Of TV’s Elmo Faces Abuse Suit

NEW YORK (AP) – The former voice of the “Sesame Street” character Elmo is being sued by a man who claims the entertainer lured him into drug-fueled sex when he was 16. Sheldon Stephens, who’s now 24, says he met Kevin Clash at a networking event. He says he was brought by limousine from Pennsylvania […]

‘Sesame Street’ Nears 1 Billion Views On YouTube

NEW YORK (AP) — Nearing 1 billion views on YouTube, “Sesame Street” is headed for Justin Bieber territory. The children’s program is closing in on the kind of rarified digital milestone usually reserved for the likes of pop stars and cat videos. “Sesame Street” will soon pass 1 billion views on YouTube and it’s celebrating […]

Fourth Man Sues Ex-Elmo Puppeteer For Abuse

MIAMI (AP) — Another man on Monday sued the former Elmo puppeteer who resigned amid sex abuse allegations, claiming the voice actor befriended him in Miami and promised to be a father figure before flying the teen to New York to have sex with him. The alleged victim is now the fourth to accuse Kevin […]