Amazon Announces A Set-Top Box

The device, called Amazon Fire TV, will marry Amazon’s video library with content from other providers.

Apple TV Adds WatchABC, Bloomberg TV

4G LTE Wreaking Havoc On Set-Top Boxes

Verizon’s 4G LTE service operates in the 700MHz band and Time Warner Cable recently moved some TV channels to new spectrum assignments into that same band. And because some cable set-top boxes lack the appropriate shielding to block interference, some channels could look pixelated and jerky. Capitol Broadcasting VP Policy and Innovation Sam Matheny explains his personal experience, complete with video.

Netflix Not High Priority, Says Comcast Exec

Netflix is hoping to get on cable set-top boxes to hit aggressive growth targets, but not all U.S. operators are eager to partner up with the popular streaming company.

Cable Exec Part Of ‘Something Big’ At Apple

It’s time to fire up the Apple TV rumor mill once again. Jean-François Mulé, founder of CableLabs in San Francisco, has been hired by Apple as an engineering director. And according to his LinkedIn page, that entails being, “challenged, inspired and part of something big.”

Apple Continues Adding Channels To Apple TV

Roku Updates Devices With Fresh Design

Apple Offers Refund To ‘Breaking Bad’ Pass Holders

Apple TV Update Returns Bug-Free

Apple Pulls TV Update That Bricks Device

Comcast Tests Combo Internet-Cable Device

Comcast Corp. is testing a new service that knits together television and the Internet, as the U.S. cable giant goes after rivals that threaten to undermine its business.  Under the new system, which is being tested in Augusta, Ga., content flows through a set-top box that combines features of the Web with those of a DVR.