The Twitter Watch Party Is Over

Ten years after Syfy’s Sharknado spun Twitter and TV together, the online water cooler is running dry.


Tweeting The Shark? Social Media And Cable

There was a full-blown feeding frenzy recently on Twitter. Chances are pretty good you saw the Tweets (or stories about them), but not the TV movie that inspired them. As a television event, SyFy’s Sharknado was great social media. And a great example of what the Twitter Effect can have on programmers and the television industry. Generally speaking, the more a show is talked about, the more viewers it will deliver. The only difference is that the Twitter Effect alone won’t elevate cable deliveries much beyond what they’re capable of delivering organically. Cable programs — particularly on the niche networks — won’t deliver much beyond their base, no matter how much social chatter they generate.

Syfy Plans ‘Sharknado’ Sequel

NEW YORK (AP) — Syfy says flying sharks will bite again. The network is announcing a sequel to “Sharknado,” which became an instant campy classic with its recent airing. The […]