The Rise Of Spanish-Language TV In Houston

Univision’s KXLN and Telemundo’s KTMD are pushing Spanish-language TV to the top of Houston ratings, even over their English-language counterparts, in the fourth largest Spanish TV market in the country.

Hispanic Broadcasters: Viewers Are Terrified

And it’s not just illegals. Hispanics of all sorts worry how they’ll be treated under the Trump administration. Networks are reaching out with special programming to allay those fears.


KRGV Set To Start Spanish Newscasts

Hispanic News Market Tough To Tap

American firms trying to tap into the fast-growing Hispanic market, particularly those in the news business, are receiving a very clear message: Good luck. The lights are going out at CNN Latino, a year-old experiment by the news network to reach America’s 53 million Hispanics with Spanish-language programming. That comes three months after the shutdown of, an English-language attempt that targeted the same demographic.