Dow Gains 153, Nasdaq Closes Up 21

Stocks started slow Thursday, but ended higher. The S&P 500 rose 0.5% after shifting between small gains and losses throughout the morning. The index recouped all of its losses from a day earlier, but remains on track for its first weekly loss after notching a gain in each of the previous three weeks.

Dow Finishes Down 98, Nasdaq Gives Up 32

Stocks slipped on Wall Street Wednesday as a virus aid deal remained elusive. The S&P 500 slipped 0.2% after shifting between small gains and losses for much of the day. The benchmark index is on track for its first weekly loss after notching gains in each of the past three weeks. Losses in industrial stocks, health care companies and elsewhere in the market outweighed solid gains by communication services stocks.


Dow Moves Up 113, Nasdaq Rises 38

Stocks closed higher Tuesday. Traders bid up shares in several companies that reported quarterly results that were better than analysts expected, including Procter & Gamble, Regions Financial, Albertsons and Travelers. Others didn’t fare as well. Netflix shares fell in after-hours trading after the streaming service reported third-quarter earnings and a tally of new subscribers that fell short of analysts’ expectations.

Dow Drops 411, Nasdaq Closes Down 193

Stocks fell Monday as hopes for new virus aid from Congress legislation faded. The S&P 500 dropped 1.6%, its worst day in more than three weeks. The benchmark index had been up 0.5% in the early going following a report that China’s economy grew at a 5% annual rate in the last quarter. The market’s slide was broad, though technology, health care and communication stocks bore the brunt of the selling.


Dow Advances 112, Nasdaq Closes Down 42

A late slide Friday eased gains for U.S. stock indexes, leaving them mixed. Big Tech and energy companies fell while health care and industrial stocks rose.


Dow Drops 20, Nasdaq Gives Up 55

Stocks fell on Wall Street Thursday as coronavirus spread in Europe. In the U.S., investor optimism that the Trump administration and Congress will soon reach a deal on another round of stimulus for the economy has waned. And the government said Thursday that the number of Americans seeking unemployment aid increased more than expected last week.


Dow Closes Down 166, Nasdaq Slides 95

Stocks fell Wednesday as hopes faded for a stimulus deal. The S&P 500 fell 0.7% after spending the morning swaying between small gains and losses. Companies that rely on consumer spending, banks and technology and communication stocks bore the brunt of the selling. Trading in stock markets overseas was subdued as coronavirus counts climb around the world, raising the risk of more government restrictions on businesses. Treasury yields fell, while prices for crude oil and gold rose.


Dow Finishes Down 158, Nasdaq Slips 12

Stocks ended lower Tuesday as Wall Street paused after a four-day rally. The S&P 500 lost 0.6%, giving back some of its gains from a day earlier. The pullback in stocks comes as many forces are pushing and pulling on markets simultaneously.

Dow Climbs 351, Nasdaq Advances 296

Strong gains for technology stocks sent Wall Street higher Monday. The market’s latest upward push came as Wall Street appeared to largely shrug off the latest signs that Democrats and Republicans are no closer to reaching a deal on more aid for the economy, which remains hobbled by the pandemic.


Dow Finishes Up 161, Nasdaq Climbs 159

Stocks climbed again Friday. The S&P 500 rose 0.9%, its third straight gain. The benchmark index ended the week with a 3.8% gain, its strongest rally since early July. The solid finish follows a weekslong run of mostly shaky trading over worries that Congress and the White House won’t deliver more support for the economy as it reels from the impact of the pandemic and concerns that stock prices simply got too high during the summer.


Dow Advances 122, Nasdaq Picks Up 56

Stocks climbed again Thursday with hopes for stimulus. The S&P 500 climbed 0.8%, adding to its solid gains from a day earlier, when President Donald Trump apparently backtracked on his decision to halt talks on more aid for the economy. He said in a televised interview Thursday morning that “very productive” talks have begun on stimulus.


Dow Gains 531, Nasdaq Finishes Up 210

Stocks rose Wednesday following President Trump’s tweets on stimulus. The S&P 500 climbed 1.7% after Trump sent a series of tweets late Tuesday saying he’s open to sending out $1,200 payments to Americans, as well as limited programs to prop up the airline industry and small businesses.


Dow Drops 376, Nasdaq Closes Down 178

Stocks dropped Tuesday following news that President Trump called off COVID-19 stimulus talks. The S&P 500 index slid 1.4% after having been up 0.7% prior to the president’s announcement, which he made on twitter about an hour before the close of trading. The late-afternoon pullback erased most of the benchmark index’s gains from a market rally a day earlier.


Dow Closes Up 466, Nasdaq Climbs 257

Stocks jumped Monday on stimulus hopes. The market’s rally accelerated after Trump tweeted in the afternoon that he’ll leave the hospital, though his medical team said he “may not entirely be out of the woods yet.”


Dow Closes Down 134, Nasdaq Falls 252

Stocks ended lower on a bumpy Friday following news of President Trump’s positive coronavirus test. The S&P 500 slumped 1.7% as soon as trading began, only to churn through another turbulent session. By the end of the day, it had trimmed its loss to 1%, down 32.38 points at 3,348.42.

Shares, Oil Prices Sink After Trump Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Trump tweeted news of his test results just hours after the White House announced that senior aide Hope Hicks had come down with the virus after traveling with the president several times this week. The positive test reading for the leader of the world’s largest economy heaps uncertainty onto a growing pile of unknowns investors are grappling with, first among them how it might affect the Nov. 3 election and American policies on trade, tariffs and many other issues beyond then.


Dow Moves Up 35, Nasdaq Climbs 159

Stocks ticked up Thursday as Wall Street waits for aid from Washington. The S&P 500 ended the day 17.80 points higher, or 0.5%, at 3,380.80, but it careened from an early 1% gain to a slight loss before arriving there.


Dow Climbs 329, Nasdaq Closes Up 82

Prospects for additional support from Congress for the economy helped drive Wednesday’s trading, as they have for weeks. The S&P 500 shot to a gain of as much as 1.7% after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNBC that he would talk with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about a potential deal in the afternoon, “and I hope we can get something done.”


Dow Finishes Down 131, Nasdaq Loses 32

Stocks ended lower Tuesday. Banks, energy companies and stocks that depend on consumer spending had some of the biggest losses. The price of oil fell 3.2%, dragging much of the energy sector down with it.


Dow Advances 410, Nasdaq Climbs 204

Wall Street rebounded from earlier losses on Monday. The S&P 500 rose 1.6%, it’s third straight gain. The benchmark index was coming off its first four-week losing streak in more than a year and is on track to close out September with a loss of 4.2% after five months of gains.


Dow Advances 359, Nasdaq Climbs 241

On Friday, The S&P 500 rose 1.6% after flip-flopping between small gains and losses a few times in the early going. Stocks have been erratic this month, with indexes setting new highs to start the month and then falling sharply as investors worried that values for some of technology giants had risen too high.

Dow Moves Up 52, Nasdaq Adds 39

U.S. stocks ended higher Thursday while market volatility continued. The S&P 500 rose 0.3% after earlier swinging between a loss of 0.9% and a gain of 1.3%. The market notched widespread gains, though technology stocks powered much of the turnaround.


Dow Loses 525, Nasdaq Finishes Down 331

Wall Street closed sharply lower Wednesday. The S&P 500 fell 2.4% after giving up an earlier gain. The selling, which accelerated in the afternoon, was widespread, though technology stocks accounted for the biggest losses. The decline deepens the benchmark index’s September slide to 7.5% after a five-month rally.


Dow Moves Up 140, Nasdaq Climbs 185

Wall Street steadied itself Tuesday, ending a four-day losing streak.  The gains helped the market recover some of its losses a day after stocks tumbled amid a raft of worries about the pandemic and governments’ response to it.


Dow Finishes Down 510, Nasdaq Slips 14

Wall Street fell Monday over global concerns with COVID-19. The drops began in Asia as soon as trading opened for the week, and they accelerated in Europe on worries about the possibility of tougher restrictions there to stem rising coronavirus counts. In the U.S., stocks and Treasury yields weakened, while prices sank for oil and other commodities that a healthy economy would demand.


Dow Drops 245, Nasdaq Closes Down 117

U.S. stocks fell Friday as the market decline extended for the third week. Technology stocks and other companies that powered the market’s strong comeback this year have suddenly lost momentum this month amid worries that they have become too expensive.


Dow Finishes Down 130, Nasdaq Slides 140

Wall Street slumped again Thursday. The S&P 500 lost 0.8% after having been down 1.7% earlier. The selling was widespread, with eight of the 11 sectors that make up the benchmark index ending the day lower. The sectors that include Amazon, Facebook and Apple took the heaviest losses.


Dow Closes Up 37, Nasdaq Loses 140

The S&P 500 fell 0.5% Wednesday after having been up 0.6% following a 2 p.m. ET Fed announcement. The central bank signaled it will keep interest rates near zero into 2023 and issued a slightly less dire outlook for economic growth and unemployment this year.


Dow Inches Up 2, Nasdaq Climbs 134

Stocks gave up part of an early gain on Tuesday, but still ended up higher. The S&P 500 rose 0.5% after being up 1.1% earlier. It’s the second straight sizable gains for the benchmark index following its worst week since June.

Dow Advances 328, Nasdaq Picks Up 203

Wall Street posted solid gains Monday following a surge in corporate deals. The S&P 500 rose 1.3%, led by gains in technology, health care and financial stocks. Small company stocks were among the biggest gainers.


Dow Closes Up 131, Nasdaq Loses 66

Tech stocks faltered again Friday as Wall Street ended its worst week in months. The S&P 500 rose 1.78, or 0.1%, to 3,340.97, but only after a roller-coaster day where a gain of 0.9% gave way to a loss of 0.9%.


Dow Drops 406, Nasdaq Finishes Down 222

Tech stocks accounted for the biggest share of a broad sell-off Thursday. The sector has been at the center of the market’s swings, hurt by criticism that their recession-defying surge in recent months was overdone.


Dow Climbs 440, Nasdaq Advances 294

Apple, Amazon and other tech companies that suddenly lost their momentum late last week on worries their stocks soared too high all regained some ground Wednesday. They helped the S&P 500 rally 67.12, or 2%, to 3,398.96. It was the best day in three months for the index, which recovered a little more than a quarter of its losses from the prior three days.


Dow Finishes Down 632, Nasdaq Drops 465

The S&P 500 fell 95.12, or 2.8%, to 3,331.84 and clinched its first three-day losing streak in nearly three months. Big names that were the main reasons for the market’s rocket ride back from its pandemic-caused losses were among the heaviest weights. Apple sank 6.7%, Microsoft pulled 5.4% lower and tech stocks across the index were down 4.6%.


Dow Plunges 808, Nasdaq Tumbles 598

A tech on Thursday rout sent the stock market to its biggest loss since June. There seemed to be no explicit catalyst for the sell-off, with economic data coming in roughly where the market had expected and no companies issuing foreboding warnings.


Dow Shoots Up 455, Nasdaq Adds 117

Wall Street posted its biggest gain since July on Wednesday. The S&P 500 rose 1.5%, it’s best day since July 6. The benchmark index and the Nasdaq composite each hit new highs, extending Wall Street’s milestone-setting run in recent weeks.


Dow Climbs 216, Nasdaq Closes Up 164

U.S. stocks started off September with more gains Tuesday, led by tech. The S&P 500 bounced back from a modest loss in the early going to finish 0.8% higher a day after the benchmark index wrapped up its fifth monthly gain in a row.


Dow Closes Down 224, Nasdaq Gains 80

Stocks ended a bumpy day Monday mostly lower. The S&P 500 fell 0.2% after spending much of the day wavering between gains and losses of less than 0.1%. The modest decline, which snapped the index’s seven-day winning streak, came as losses in financial, industrial and energy companies outweighed gains in technology stocks.


Dow Moves Up 162, Nasdaq Climbs 70

The benchmark S&P 500 index rose 23.46, or 0.7%, to 3,508.01 on Friday, setting another record high and several more superlatives. It was the seventh straight day of gains for the index. It also capped a 3.3% rally for the week to cement its longest weekly winning streak since December, before the coronavirus pandemic swept the world and sent economies tumbling into recession.


Dow Advances 160, Nasdaq Falls 40

The benchmark S&P 500 index rose 0.2%, to another all-time high on Thursday, but it veered through a jumbled day of trading to get there. Prices for stocks, bonds and gold all made several U-turns after Fed Chair Jerome Powell gave a highly anticipated speech. In it, he essentially said the Fed may continue efforts to prop up the economy even if inflation rises above its target level of 2%, as long as it had been weak before then.