Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Four Big Tech Firms

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol issued subpoenas on Thursday to four major social media companies — Alphabet, Meta, Reddit and Twitter — criticizing them for allowing extremism to spread on their platforms and saying they have failed to cooperate adequately with the inquiry.

Texts Reveal Heights Of Fox News Hosts’ Influence

Text messages — newly released by the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection — between Fox News hosts and former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, crystallize with new specificity just how tightly Fox News and the White House were entwined during the Trump years, with many of the network’s top hosts serving as a cable cabinet of unofficial advisers.

Why Fox News Congressional Reporter Chad Pergram Will Never Call Capitol Rioters ‘Protesters’

Jan. 6 Anniversary Gets Wildly Different Treatment On Cable News Primetime

All of the news networks carried events marking the anniversary of Jan. 6, albeit with differences in tone and tenor, but by the time of the opinion-heavy primetime hours, there were wildly different characterizations of the significance of attack on the Capitol, ranging from calling it “Trump’s failed coup” to “barely rates as a footnote.”

Hannity, Fox Face Ethical Issues Over Trump Text Revelations

The Jan. 6 select committee has revealed a series of texts where Sean Hannity privately advised former President Donald Trump before, during and after the assault, and is seeking his insight about what happened in those days. The popular Fox News Channel primetime host hasn’t said what he will do, but he’s slammed the congressional probe as a partisan witch hunt. His lawyer has raised First Amendment concerns about the request.

Man Sentenced To 3 Years Over Threats To Politicians And Journalists

Fox News Hosts Take The Offensive About Texts To Meadows

Stars of the most-watched cable channel continued to downplay the Jan. 6 attack and back Donald J. Trump while criticizing the investigation of the Capitol siege.

Fox News Hosts Sent Texts To Meadows Urging Trump To Act As Jan. 6 Attack Unfolded

Three prominent Fox News anchors sent concerned text messages on Jan. 6 to Mark Meadows, the last chief of staff for President Donald Trump, urging him to persuade the president to take the riot seriously and to make an effort to stop it. Afterward, on their shows, Laura Ingraham spread the false claim of antifa involvement, and Sean Hannity referred to the 2020 election as a “train wreck.”

Hearing Exposes TV Viewers To Blunt Language, Racial Slurs

The first day of a House investigation into the Jan. 6 uprising at the U.S. Capitol featured emotional testimony from four police officers who defended the Capitol and video clips of violence and mayhem. It was shown live widely, but not uniformly, on several television networks. Cable networks CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC carried the hearing, lasting more than three hours, in full. ABC preempted daytime programming to air most of it but not CBS and NBC. Instead of compelling their local stations to carry it, those networks said it was optional.

FBI Launches Flurry Of Arrests Over Attacks On Journalists During Jan. 6 Riot

The crackdown comes amid news of secret subpoenas of reporters’ phones. The first such charge came last week, when 43-year-old Shane Jason Woods of Illinois was charged with engaging in violence on the Capitol grounds Jan. 6, as well as assaulting a law enforcement officer. Authorities say Woods was caught on video knocking down a cameraman.

Fox News Made Me Do It: Capitol Attack Suspect Offers ‘Foxitis’ Defense

Anthony Antonio, who is facing five charges including violent entry, disorderly conduct and impeding law enforcement during civil disorder, fell prey to the persistent lies about the so-called “stolen election” being spread daily by Donald Trump and the right-wing network that served him, his attorney Joseph Hurley said during a video hearing.

Coverage Of Capitol Attack Generates Millions Of YouTube Views For TV Networks

As the historic events unfolded on Capitol Hill during the afternoon and evening of Jan. 6, people around the world tuned into news networks and social media to follow what was happening. The TV networks also harnessed social platforms such as YouTube to share breaking news, videos and more as the Capitol was thrown into chaos.

Groups Seek Info On Election-Related Attacks

The National Association of Broadcasters joined in a letter from a coalition of news organizations to federal law enforcement agencies Thursday, saying they wanted more information about the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol as well as the potential for further violence around the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Fringe Social Networks Boosted After Mob Attack

Fringe social media networks are seeing their user bases swell in the aftermath of last week’s insurrection at the Capitol building and the subsequent banning of President Trump and some of his loudest supporters from Facebook and Twitter.


How The Press Can Hold Trump’s Enablers — And Itself — To Account

Jon Allsop: “The most immediate answer to both these accountability questions is the same: to never forget what happened on [Jan. 6], and to use it as a point of no return. That means no more squeamishness about calling nasty truths—racism, lies, coups—what they are; no more bothsidesism; no more optics chatter; no more blinkered American exceptionalism.”

The Attack On The Capitol Was Even Worse Than It Looked

As new and more graphic videos of the mayhem emerged on social media and TV, the enormity of what happened only deepened.

‘Get The Hell Out Of Here Before You Get Hurt’

Correspondents recall last week’s mob attack on the Capitol and the threat to news media.

Front-Line Stories From The Insurrection

A number of journalists who were at the Capitol reporting on this week’s insurrection, including NBC’s Kasie Hunt (above), offer their observations and insights from the ground during what was a historic, chaotic, and frankly, sad day for America.

Capitol Insurrection Spurs Huge TV News Viewing

Some 30 million people watched coverage during the day and evening on broadcast networks and the major cable news channels. CNN had its most watched day ever.

Conservative Media Decry Capitol Riot, But Grievances Remain

Dealing with the shocking breach of the national landmark was a complex task for outlets aimed at Trump’s base, many of whom are suspicious of more mainstream news sources. Most were clear: the violence was indefensible.

Latenight Hosts React With Shock, Anger To Capitol Attack

Many expressed anger and frustration at the violence at the U.S. Capitol, offering somber monologues that pleaded for unity even as some aimed pointed barbs at those they held responsible for the mobs’ actions.

Looking Back At Media Coverage From An Astonishing Wednesday

News Anchors Express Shock At Revolting Turn At U.S. Capitol

Covering Pro-Trump Mobs, The News Media Became A Target

“Murder the media” was scratched into a door of the Capitol. Violent protesters smashed equipment and punched a photographer. Above, pAssociated Press/Jose Luis Magana)

Commentary: How TV News Outmatched Donald Trump On A Dark Day


Media Captures Storming Of U.S. Capitol

The pictures were stunning: security officials with guns drawn on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, people fighting with police in the Capitol Rotunda, rioters smashing windows and streaming into the building where the nation’s leaders had gathered to count votes sealing President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Above, people shelter in the House gallery as protesters try to break into the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)