Is It Time For Streaming Video To Play Moneyball?

How will streaming services consistently identify, acquire and develop projects that resonate? That’s going to require ever better ways to measure and predict success.

Google Steers Users To YouTube Over Rivals

Facebook and other competitors host the same videos, but engineers have made changes that effectively preference YouTube — owned by Google — over other video sources. Wall Street Journal tests show YouTube usually ends up first and takes most of the slots in Google Search video carousels and prime results real estate.

The Evolution Of Streaming Video, In 4 Charts

Facebook Live Adds 4K For 360-Degree Video

OTT Love Blooms Fullest When Cord Isn’t Cut

A new J.D. Power study finds that consumers are happiest when running OTT services like Netflix or Hulu while simultaneously keeping cable or satellite service intact. A June/July survey of nearly 4,000 consumers found that “those who have cable packages are happiest about their streaming services, while satisfaction is lowest among cord cutters, closely followed by ‘cord nevers,’ ” Steven Perlberg reports.

ABC News Web Update Prioritizes Video, Apps

With the Republican and Democratic Conventions right around the corner, ABC News is doubling down on live video. Its website now support eight simultaneous live streams and its apps are pushing video consumption with autoplay, Joseph Lichterman reports. “We have a new [executive producer, Dan Silver] who is focusing heavily on producing more video for our audience,” said ABC’s vice president of product Doug Vance.

Amazon Nabs SVOD Rights To PBS Kids Shows


How To Get Streaming Video To A Big Screen

There are plenty of ways to get streaming video onto your big living-room screen. Internet-connected “smart” TVs and gaming consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation can do the trick. But stand-alone devices tend to offer more features and more video services to choose from. Here’s a rundown of six of them.

Web-Video Newcomers Undercut YouTube

The Wall Street Journal reports Facebook, Snapchat and streaming-startup Vessel are promising large TV-channel owners better terms for their video programming than Google’s YouTube, hoping to capitalize on mounting frustration with the Web giant. WSJ subscribers can read the full story here.

UK TV Takes Root In Acorn Streaming Service

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Here’s an offbeat mystery: Why did detective Hercule Poirot’s final U.S. small-screen bow come not on his familiar stage, PBS, but on a niche website devoted […]

Yahoo Seeks To Bring Concerts to Your Couch

The company has a plan to stream 365 live concerts, free, but industry executives are skeptical that consumers will respond with favor. If successful, the program will help establish Screen, Yahoo’s video site and competitor to YouTube. And for Live Nation, the world’s biggest concert promoter, and the rest of the music industry, it could create a franchise for online concerts, which have long been promoted as the next big thing, but, despite many attempts, have never quite caught on with consumers.

Free Univision Streaming Video Ends Friday

Univision, which had the most-viewed telecast in its history this week (the World Cup), is switching from a free streaming service (which it’s been providing for the entirety of the World Cup so far) to an authenticated version of the same, requiring viewers to log in using credentials from their cable providers. It’s a move likely to please cable operators and infuriate subscribers.

Growing Streaming Video Impacts TV Trends

Streaming of video content is growing — but slowly — when it comes to the ways that Americans most often watch TV. Some 23% say they are watching more streaming television programming now than they were a year ago. But at the same time, 37% say their streaming viewership is no different than last year.


Kaltura, Wowza Partner On Live Video Streaming

Programs On Demand, Just For PBS Members

As television viewers increasingly turn to video on demand to watch shows when they want, PBS and its stations plan to follow them, but with a twist: They are creating a streaming video service that will be available only to members of local PBS stations.

Roku CEO: Apple TV Is A Money-Loser

Roku has long argued that bigger rivals end up helping Roku when they release streaming-video boxes. CEO Anthony Wood allows that Apple TV does result in lost money — for Apple.

Amazon: No Plans To Offer Free Video Service

Spokeswoman Sally Fouts said Thursday that Amazon runs ads ahead of movie and game trailers, but the company has no plans to offer a free streaming media service. That was in response to a Wall Street Journal report that Amazon is considering an ad-supported streaming TV and music video service.

Streamnation Expands To Sharing Video

Streamnation, a service built for storing, streaming, and sharing your photos and videos, is now looking to become a streaming media hub. What started off as just a way to store, stream, and share your own original photos and videos is now also a way to view and lend your movie and TV show collections to friends and family as well as borrow from theirs.

More Papers Turn To Video To Expand

More and more newspapers, magazines, and online media venues are going into streaming video — live or scripted TV online. Some of the biggest names in media are romancing the vid: The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, National Geographic.

HuffPost Live Shutters LA Operation, Lays Off Staff

DMA 10

ABC Launches Streaming TV In Houston

Watch ABC will be available to viewers in Houston, giving pay TV subscribers access to the market’s KTRK 24 hours a day, seven days a week online and on their mobile devices. The service will roll out in Fresno, Calif., prior to the launch of the new fall broadcast television season in September.

Ustream Broadcast 7M Live Video Streams In 2013

TWC Talking With Apple About Streaming

NAB 2013

Original Mobile Content: TV’s Key Moment

At the NAB Show this week, a great deal of discussion centered on mobile, which has become a major source of traffic for broadcasters’ digital efforts. Now digital managers are urging their companies to find the key to sating their stations’ mobile audiences, and original content just might be the answer.

Oscar Telecast To Be Available Online Monday

The Academy Awards will be breaking new Web ground this year. For the first time, ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will make the full Oscar telecast available for streaming in the U.S. on Monday across multiple platforms.


Streaming Video — Four Predictions For 2013

Last week’s multi-year licensing agreement bombshell between Disney and Netflix was a capper to an already dynamic year for streaming media. Clearly we’re at an exciting crossroads, fueled by “make-ups and break-ups” that constantly reshape the industry. Given the activity of the last four quarters, here are a few things to look for in 2013.

HuffPo Launches Live Streaming Network

The new streaming network HuffPost Live will include programming from the site’s editors and bloggers and will boost engagement by allowing users to submit video of themselves speaking out on current issues.

Fox Sues Alki David’s

The complaint notes that since last Tuesday the defendant, BarryDriller Content Systems, owned by Alki David, has infringed on Fox’s copyrights and trademarks by retransmitting its broadcast shows online without the company’s permission. It specifically cites Fox-owned shows taken from KABC and KTTV Los Angeles, UFC Settle Copyright Lawsuit

Apps Under Gun In Hotly Competitive Market

With consumers spoiled by choice, app providers are forced to innovate in order to keep pace. This year, the cutting edge lies in highly relevant content, social media integration, streaming media and smart aggregation. In part two of NetNewsCheck’s Special Report on Apps, we turn to content. Yesterday’s story examined the challenge of monetization.


Americans Love DVRs and Streaming Movies

A new study indicates that watching a movie via a subscription service like Netflix is rapidly gaining on DVD and Blu-ray as the preferred method of at-home viewing.

More Streaming Video Watched On Game Consoles


Online Video Eats Away At Broadcast TV

Some 38% of viewers watch online TV programming more than once a week , according to Ericsson ConsumerLab’s new “TV & Video Consumer Trend Report 2011.”


Video Stream Growth Concerns Programmers

More than half of the U.S. population and 80% of Internet users are now streaming video as part of their regular TV diet, according to a new study from Omnicom media agency OMD. The study suggests that the video streaming trend is poised to grow further with technological advances that improve the quality of the experience.


Stations Need To Stream Their Signals Now

Stations need to begin streaming their live signals, and to offer streams of past programs, before the future passes them by. The first steps are to fashion a business model and secure the necessary rights from broadcast networks. It’s in the networks’ interest to extend those rights to affiliates, which are still the strongest distribution platform around.


NBC briefly tore down the digital wall protecting its Olympics coverage on Thursday and permitted consumers without a pay TV subscription to watch live online a race starring American swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. The move was aimed at appeasing critics of NBC’s strategy of delaying broadcasts of major Olympics events for primetime or requiring a cable subscription for online streaming — and could foreshadow how the network might handle its coverage of future Games.