‘Survivor’ Producer Imprisoned For Wife’s Death Released

GARDENA, Calif. (AP) — A former reality TV show producer convicted of killing his wife is back home in Southern California after his release from a Mexican prison. KTLA-TV says former “Survivor” producer Bruce Beresford-Redman was released about two months ago. The station says the 48-year-old had no comment when interviewed Monday at his home in Gardena, […]

WGXA Anchor Competes In Next Season Of ‘Survivor’

CBS Stands By Transgender Outing On ‘Survivor’

‘Survivor’ Hangs On As CBS Ratings Stalwart

The reality show, beginning its 16th year on the air, has managed to keep drawing a steady number of viewers, even as its contemporaries have faded.

‘Survivor’ Turns 15, Mark Burnett Looks Back

Whether you love unscripted television or consider it the downfall of western civilization, you can pinpoint the exact date when the broadcast landscape changed forever: Fifteen years ago — May 31, 2000. That’s when a bold new reality TV experiment named Survivor debuted on CBS — 16 individuals stranded on an island in Borneo for 39 days, voting each other out one by one until only two remained. One of those two would be voted the winner of $1 million.

Survivor’ Changed TV And Endures. Why?

Survivor premiered on CBS on May 31, 2000. The extreme success of the show officially led to an explosion in the reality TV genre as networks realized the potential gold mine of a programming that was cheaper to produce than scripted shows. Even more amazingly, Survivor endures 15 years — and 30 seasons — later. So, what’s super-producer Mark Burnett’s secret?

‘Survivor’ Editors Reach Deal With Mark Burnett

‘Survivor’ Editors End Strike Over Union Contract

‘Survivor’ Strike As Editors Walk Off Show

A day after the Motion Picture Editors Guild notified the producers of CBS’s Survivor that its editors wanted a union contract, the postproduction crew today walked off the veteran Mark Burnett reality show.


‘Survivor,’ ‘Idol’ Fuel CBS-Fox Tie Wednesday

Big audiences for CBS’s Survivor and the second half of Fox’s American Idol lead to a ratings tie between the networks Wednesday night.